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1 to 1000

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Heidi Chisholm of Extra Fancy continues to amaze me with her versatility. Her work is both original and breathtaking. Take this annual report for example. Designed for Investec, an investment company, and created to show how one’s money will grow with their help. Notice the flocked cover along with the delicate use of color within the illustrations. The beautiful embellishments highlight the exquisite qualities of the printed bill and the craft behind it. Also the use of the fold out cover to reveal the companies story is pure perfection! Well done Heidi and thank so much for letting me share!

Michelle O Bag By Extra Fancy

Monday, May 24th, 2010

I’m loving this wonderful bag by Heidi & Gareth Chisholm of Extra Fancy. I featured Hedi’s work last year and she continues to impress! As with all her work; this bag is so fun a playful you can’t help but smile! The details are completely adorable and the depiction of Michelle Obama looks positively HAWT! Purchase your own bag here and make sure to check out more of Heidi’s work here.





I was walking by a coworker’s desk Friday when a promo from Heidi Chisholm stopped me in my tracks! Her portfolio is fantastic and she has a unique understanding of the users experience.This identity package for France Production is only one example of her impressive work. This one in particular sends my heart aflutter, the pop up card, the envelope scalloped to an inch of it’s life, the illustrations and photography, it’s all too perfect! Make sure to visit her site for more, you won’t regret it!