DIY St. Patrick’s Day Treats!

March 8th, 2011

Even though I have bright red hair, I’m not the least bit Irish but that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate St. Patricks Day like I am! This week I’ve got two DIY projects in honor of ol’ St. Pat and this first one is a sweet twist on a pot of gold.

Simply cut rice crispy treats into the shape of gold bars, wrap in parchment paper and gold foil and serve! Don’t worry about cutting them perfectly, once wrapped in the gold foil, they truly look like the real deal! Fun for a party, lunch boxes or even shimmering favors!

28 Responses to “DIY St. Patrick’s Day Treats!”

  1. Jen @ Darling Notes Says:

    Oh, how fun! These would be cute to place on the desks of co-workers, too!

  2. Kate from Party Resources Says:

    Love the packaging! Genius!

  3. TableCouture Says:

    wow!!!!! love love love gold this could even be a seating card/gift on a dinner plate or a dessert table!!



  4. Charm & Cheer Says:

    Looks so elegant yet so simple! Mixed with the Jadeite – perfection!


  5. Emily M Says:

    Oh my word these are just fantastically awesome! And it just so happens I bought the ingredients for these treats last night at the grocery store – coincidence? I think not πŸ™‚

  6. Laura Says:

    I love rice krispy treats. The gold foil packaging is such a cute idea!

  7. shelia Says:

    When so many St. Patrick’s day goodies look cheesy, these are so adorable and sweet. Love the cake stand!

  8. Adrienne Says:

    This is such an adorable idea – love it!


    Obsessed with these – FINALLY a St. Patty’s day project that is actually chic, too! πŸ™‚

  10. Lisa {With Style and Grace} Says:

    What a fun idea, I love this!!

  11. Leah @ Freutcake Says:

    Love this idea The gold foil is such a great touch for St. Pattys day.

  12. Vivien @ The Eclectic Life Says:

    Kathleen, I must know where that cake pedestal is from asap. Other than that, this St. Patty’s day tutorial is so great! Almost anything gold is a win in my book.

  13. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Vivien!

    My husband got those for me for my birthday from Mosser Glass. They took forever but SO worth the wait!


  14. gwen Says:

    omg you have the BEST ideas! i love it!

  15. postcards and pretties Says:

    such an amazing idea!!

  16. rachel Says:

    LOVE these. awesome idea, kathleen!

  17. Marjorie Rose Says:

    What a sweet way to celebrate St. Patty’s!

  18. Alisa: Modern Palm Says:

    Your creativity is over-the-top! These are darling!

  19. driveways scotland Says:

    When so many St. Patrick’s day goodies look cheesy, these are so adorable and sweet. I like the cake stand, it is very unique stand.

  20. Mrs Bok Says:

    Thank you so much! My (irish) husband will love these. I’m doing him a surprise st pats day seeign as he’s so far away from family and close mates

  21. Lisa Says:

    I love this idea!

  22. Lana Says:

    What a fun idea! Your photography is wonderful, too!

  23. Brooke Says:

    I knew if anyone was going to make St. Patty’s day classy it could be you. πŸ™‚

  24. MD Says:


  25. {eclat} event design Says:

    This is fabulous! The art of simplicity!

    Laura xoxo

  26. Kristen Says:

    Kathleen, I LOVE your blog! I was so excited to see a jadeite cake stand, and what a creative idea with the gold foil! My company is one of the few authorized distributors for Mosser and I’ve developed a love for their pieces! Thinking of buying one myself. πŸ™‚

  27. jen Says:

    LOVE! just bought similar pedestals-if not those same-for my friends getting married. she loved them!

  28. Emmmylizzzy Says:

    I’m planning on making some of these tonight, but with Lucky Charms instead of Rice Krispies. Thanks for the inspiration!