Giveaway! The Vintage Pearl

February 23rd, 2010

What better way to welcome a new sponsor to Twig & Thistle than with a giveaway! Erin of The Vintage Pearl is offering up not one but TWO $50 Gift Certificates to her fabulous store. Erin makes the most beautiful sterling silver jewelry and gifts, the ones pictured above are a couple of my favorites.

To enter, leave a comment saying what’s your favorite piece of jewelry that you currently own. I’ll pick one winner at random and the other will be my favorite comment. Giveaway ends Tuesday, March 2nd at 12pm PST and I’ll announce the winner Friday, March 5th. Good luck everyone!

*CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks to everyone that participated!

490 Responses to “Giveaway! The Vintage Pearl”

  1. Jennie Wilson Says:

    My fave piece of jewelry is a charm bracelet that my mother gave to me. I would love to have a Vintage Pearl Bracelet with the name of my lovely little dog who passed away last Tuesday. It would be the perfect way to commenderate her life and our 13 years together.
    Thank you for the lovely opportunity.

  2. Allison L Says:

    My favourite piece of jewelery is a single pearl necklace. My mother, sister and I each have one. Its simple and delicate like the designs at vintage pearl. My fingers are crossed! A girl can dream…can’t she?!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    My absolute favourite pieces of jewelry are my pearl earrings my husband gave me. He, for the only time I can remember, shopped in advance of a holiday and hid them in a secret spot in the basement. We had an argument one day and I asked him to leave and give me space for a an hour or so. When I get angry I clean- and I usually pick some obscure area that I haven’t touched for a while like a utensil drawer or linen closet but this time I went straight to that nagging corner of the basement and found these earrings. They are my favourite because when I wear them they make me feel the way I think I should always feel- Classy, Confident and Loved

  4. mari Says:

    A simple silver Tiffany key necklace on a silver ball chain. It was a gift from my parents, who bought one for each of the girls (Mom, my sister, and me) to commemorate their visit last summer.

  5. Melissa Says:

    When I got my Master’s degree, my dad took me to a local Arts Festival to get a piece of jewelry to commemorate the occasion, since he knew how much I love handcrafted jewelry. I ended up finding this lovely silver ring with an adorable, tiny snail carved into it. The lady who made it said that it was inspired by her niece’s love of snails. I completely treasure this ring, because of the story behind it and the adventure my dad and I had in finding it!

  6. MGates Says:

    My favourite piece of jewelery is a pretty new addition to my collection. I got it on December 23rd when my Boyfriend who I have been dating since the age of 15 proposed to me! It is a flower with 6 diamonds surrounding a pink sapphire. It is a really special ring, just like my fiance. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life!

  7. Alida Says:

    My favourite piece of jewelry is a necklace with a white gold and diamond pendant my wife-to-be bought for me 4 years ago. It might seem just an elegant spiky pendant, but if you look more attentively you can recognize our first names outlined initials (A and L) embraced.
    Just love it!!!

  8. Adeline Says:

    I have this spunky pink and purple alternating chain necklace i got from a Japanese Boutique. I wear it when i want to feel a little bit brighter than usual. And it works! :]
    Great giveaway

  9. amy Says:

    hi πŸ™‚
    my favourite piece of jewelry is a pair of pearl earrings that my sister and I received from my parents. It is special to me because my family decided to take a trip to Disneyworld and there was this stand that you could crack open oysters and find a pearl inside. We had so much fun trying to guess how big or what colour each pearl would be. It was so exciting and unbelievable at the same time, that something so simple and beautiful could come from something that you would not necessarily look twice at. Life Lesson, indeed. So i would love to have a simple and classic pearl and charm necklace to go with my favourite pair of earrings.
    thank your for such a great giveaway!!

  10. mger Says:

    my current fav piece of jewelry is a little blue resin necklace with flowers set in the resin. love it.

  11. Hillary Says:

    I’m all about the cheap fun jewelry. I have so much great jewelry (the fun type) that it would be hard to decide what my favorite is. Currently probably a super fun pair of earrings my MIL got me for my bday. They’re black metal flowers – chunky & awesome!

  12. Marilyn K K Says:

    I don’t think I own a piece of jewelry that doesn’t have some significance. . For 37 years my wedding ring has circled my heart. The Michael Michaud silver pea, with four pearls, one for each of my children, was their gift to me on Mother’s Day. My father’s “add a diamond necklace” given to each of his 5 daughters and wife keeps his memory alive. Silver and malachite ring and bracelet, bought in Mexico on a last minute week in the sun with girlfriends makes me smile. When I wear mine, I feel wrapped in love or memories

  13. Leora Sanford Says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!! What a fabulous giveaway!! I have a necklace that my husband gave me for my Bday a year ago. It means a lot to me because it was a thought out gift from him…something that he does almost every year for me Bday. It was made by an Etsy designer that I adore, so the fact that he got it from her was just icing on the cake!!

  14. Erika Says:

    Hmmmm…. not particularly original, but my favorite, HANDS DOWN, is my turn-of-the-century wedding ring set. It has been in my husbands family for around 100 years and I am thrilled to be the lucky gal that gets to wear it.

    Hope I’m one of the lucky winners, Vintage Pearl has so many gorgeous pieces! (and I owe an old friend a baby gift – I’m thinking one of the customized spoons would fit the bill perfectly!)

  15. Megan Says:

    My favorite necklace is my ex-husband’s dead grandmother’s necklace that was in the trash during the final clean-out of her house! It’s nothing fancy, but it’s old and cool and I always get complimented when I wear it. I love it when someone asks, “Where did you get your necklace?” It’s quite a story!

  16. Jacinta Says:

    I hate to be predictable, but have to say my wedding ring from my husband. I literally look at it at least once a day and it reminds me of how far we’ve come. It’s not the biggest or fanciest, but 9 years ago when he proposed I know how much he must have scraped and save to even buy me a ring. It’s what it represents, a promise of love and being there for each other forever. And with two very active boys, there’s no way we can do it without one another!

  17. Jaki Says:

    I love jewellery, but do not wear many pieces. One piece I have not taken off since Christmas ’09 is a set of plastic beads on nylon string that say “Mum love Bill xx”. Everytime I look at them I see my then 6 year old threading them, trying to hide them from me, with that tongue-sticking-out-intense-concentration that young boys get. Bill died a week after Christmas, and I can’t imagine I’ll ever take this off. Maudlin, I know, but every memory is precious. I’d love to have something in silver with his name on it to wear proudly with them.

  18. Raechele Says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my great grandmothers wedding band that was engraved with her and my great grandfathers name, and the date that they married. It is pure gold, and was so blessed to be given this irreplaceable family heirloom. It shows me how sentimental my Great Grandfather was and how much he admired his beautiful bride.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  19. Keri Says:

    my favorite piece of jewelry is a ring that my mother gave me for christmas this past year – it has three diamonds in it, from four generations of the family: one was given to me by my godmother at my christening, the next is from my grandmother’s engagement ring, which then became my mother’s engagement ring, and the last is from my great-grandmother from poland, it was one of the few things she brought when they immigrated to america.

    my mom took all three diamonds to a little old italian man who has been hand making jewelry for over 50 years to set the three together, in an amazing setting he designed…it is so special to me!

  20. Amanda Says:

    My new favorite piece of jewelry (and I say new because I JUST got it) is my wedding band. My parents came up with a great idea of taking old gold jewelry from both of my late grandmothers, my parents (including my dad’s original wedding band) and my baby jewelry and having it melted down, purified to white gold and made into my both of our wedding bands. To top it off, when my fiance’s parents heard about it, they sent us their gold class rings, his father’s original wedding band and gold from his grandmothers to be added to our bands. My parents have been married for 44 years and my fiance’s have been married for 33 years, so we figure our wedding bands will bring us good luck! πŸ™‚

  21. Michele Says:

    I just found your site via DesignMom. I have to say….you’ve just found a new follower! Gorgeous stuff, and great ideas I love these necklaces, and would love to give one to my great neighbor who is expecting any day now (or keep if for myself…arghh…decisions!).

  22. Michele Says:

    I just found your site via DesignMom. I have to say….you’ve just found a new follower! Gorgeous stuff, and great ideas I love these necklaces, and would love to give one to my great neighbor who is expecting any day now (or keep if for myself…arghh…decisions!). I actually have 2 favorite pieces of jewelry that are the same. I wear two simple white gold bands on my right hand ring finger. The insides are engraved with each of my daughter’s names and birthdays. The intention is that I will give them their respective ring when they turn 18.

  23. Cass Says:

    Crossing my fingers! I’ve been wanting one of their necklaces for a while now.

  24. amber Says:

    I am barely making it! I love my wedding ring. It’s flat and easy to wear everyday and it has a vintage quality. Plus, it’s a symbol of my life as a wife and mother.

  25. Lindsey Says:

    I know it is not super original but my wedding band is my favorite piece of jewelry solely for what it symbolizes. It also doesn’t hurt that I know how hard my hubby tried (and succeeded)to give me exactly what I would love and want. Second favorite my pearl earrings he gave me on our wedding day…I have worn them almost every day since.

  26. Paola Says:

    I’d have to say my new favorite piece of jewelery is the lovely repurposed vintage brass locket my husband gave me for our second wedding anniversary this past weekend!

  27. Chrystal K. Says:

    My favorite jewelry comes down to a tie between my husbands wedding ring that my grandmother gave him after grandpa passed on and the “something old” necklace she gave me. His band in gold with 3 Northstars etched into it. My necklace is a gold scroll with a white rose in the center and pearls scattered around the scroll work.

  28. Carla Says:

    I have just a few pieces of jewelry, and each one with it’s own meaning. But one has a very special place in my heart because the way it was given to me. After years of financial issues, my husband got a job opportunity in USA, and our life has changed. It was almost a miracle. On the night before my first birthday living here, I went to bed and he was already sleeping. On my pillow was the box, and the notebook opened on a social media page, on my profile, where he left a lot of lovely words and poems about how much he loves me… it was message after message….I was touched because he never did something like that, not even just for me. Opening his heart to the “world” was very emotional. And now, every time I put on my little silver heart from Tiffany, I remember the overwhelming(happy)feeling of that night.

  29. Lori Says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a seaglass necklace made from the most gorgeous turquoise piece of seaglass. I found the glass washed up on the beach in Barcelona, Spain, when I visited in 2007 and had it turned into a necklace upon my return to the states. Wearing it reminds me of my travels and keeps me in touch with my adventurous spirit!

  30. Melissa Says:

    Gorgeous! These would be such pretty mother’s day gifts!

  31. LeAnne Says:

    My favourite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring!

  32. Hannah Says:

    MY favorite piece of jewelry (currently) is a silver ring I bought while in Morocco. I bought it in a tiny town from a little shop. I obviously like the way it looks, but it also reminds me of that time of my life. It definitely has sntimental value!

  33. Cheryl Says:

    A tiny little lamb!! When I was first adopted at the age of 3 months a dear friend of my parents gave me a tiny little bracelet with a tiny little lamb on it…it’s my very favorite piece of jewlery. Over the years I’ve put it onto various chains. I’ve never seen anything like it ever, and being a knitter I really love it. But most of all it always reminds me that my birth mother is somewhere out there and is the most wonderful woman in the world for giving me life!! (Love you mom!)

  34. Kelly Strine Says:

    When I found out I was having a baby girl I was delighted. I found a sterling silver “nest” ring on etsy that has three pearls in it, symbolizing our family of three. I had to have it! We decorated her nursery in a bird theme as well.

  35. Jennifer Says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my (not so real) diamond earings! They add such a simple elegance to any outfit. How I would love to finally have a nice real pair! Is 2 carats too much to ask?? hehe

  36. Inha Says:

    my engagement ring! I never knew I had a thing for diamonds until I got one-I still marvel at it! Bring on the bling!
    thanks for the chance πŸ™‚ lovely stuff

  37. Kari Says:

    My pearl ring that my husband bought for me while on our honeymoon. It is extra special because I got to pick the oyster that the pearl was created in!! It is a humble beginning for a pearl: a small piece of sand or irritant that the oyster turns into a beautiful iridescent gem! Inspirational.

  38. erin Says:

    My husband picked out the most beautiful Alex Sepkus engagement ring with a blue sapphire. It has the most delicate details.

  39. Jessica Says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry that I own is a ring with my son’s names on tit. My husband bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago. There’s nothing like looking down on my finger and seeing my son’s names!!!!

  40. Kelly Says:

    My simple silver bracelet that my husband gave me 15 years ago for my birthday and I have been wearing every moment since!