Giveaway: Li’l Tweet Stitch Kit

March 26th, 2009


I finally have the complete set of baby shower goodies up on my Etsy shop! It seems that so many people I know are having babies these days so I felt inspired to make a baby shower kit of sorts. When I hosted a friends shower last year I had such a blast but it was quite the challange to come up with all the details. Hopefully this set will make planning a little easier for some of you.

This set, fondly named “Li’l Tweet”, is just the beggining of what I hope to offer in my shop but to celebrate I wanted to host a little give away! One lucky winner will recieve a Li’l Tweet Stitch Kit in one of four colors: green, pink, yellow or blue.

*To enter, just leave a comment below with your first name and last initial and tell us what you would do with your very own Li’l Tweet. You have until 11:59 PDT Thursday, April 2, to enter. The winner will be selected randomly on April 3rd and announced on Twig & Thistle, Monday, April 6th! Good luck!


To see pics from the shower that these were originally designed for check out Baby Shower:ย Part 1,ย Part 2, andย Part 3.

owl21Top Left: Li’l Tweet Thank You Cards, Top Right: Li’L Tweet Mailing Labels, Bottom:ย Li’l Tweet Baby Shower Set

82 Responses to “Giveaway: Li’l Tweet Stitch Kit”

  1. molli d Says:

    my best girl is having a girl in june and i would love to have this at her shower!

  2. Kristi S Says:

    OMG…SOOO cute! I would stitch up that sweet little own and sent it to a good friend’s baby girl that just had open heart surgery on Wednesday. I think it would help her to remember “WHO loves her!”

  3. Pipoca H Says:

    Little Tweet is absolutely adorable!
    My little girl would get such a ‘hoot’ out of making her very own Spring owl!
    I ‘heart’ your blog. It’s lovely!

  4. rachael s Says:

    i would love him + hug him + call him george :)

  5. valeasc Says:

    This kit is divine! I would love to win one and give it to my very good friend Anya who is due to have her beloved Sofia anytime now!
    All my friends are having babies too and I am hosting a baby shower in August, I may need your help!!

  6. Christine K Says:

    This would be perfect for one of my friends who just found out she is expecting! How adorable!

  7. Elena R. Says:

    So adorable! I would probably gift it to my niece and enjoy putting it together with her.

  8. Laurie C. Says:

    aww so adorable!
    I would love to sitch it up and bring it over to my new friend’s baby Lena, who was just born a few weeks ago — I haven’t met her yet, but I’m sure she’d love this lil’ tweet!

  9. Victory B. Says:

    I would love to make this for my funky future sister-in-law! They were surprised to find out they are expecting recently due to her many many health issues. It will be our generation’s first grandchild and they are praying for a miracle!

  10. shana f. Says:

    oh my gawd. these are adorable! i just added them (along with the shower kit) to my lists on for everyone to enjoy. =] (hope i can post html! lol)

    i’d send a li’l tweet to either my friend or my cousin who are both currently pregnant… or perhaps i’d keep it for myself b/c i think they’re so darn cute! decisions decisions. ๐Ÿ˜‰ <3

  11. Emily B Says:

    I absolutely fancy L’il Tweet and have a 1 yr old(soon to be 2 yr old) nephew who’d fancy it even more! He loves helping out when it comes to making anything and I’m sure he’ll love this even more since he can walk around with it in tow. I’m sure he’d take it anywhere and everywhere he goes in NYC/NJ!

  12. Cait W. Says:

    I love the Lil’ Tweet! I think he’d be an adorable addition to keep me company at my desk.

  13. Jessica N Says:

    I just threw a pink owl inspired tea party for my 7 year old daughter and her friends and the Lil Tweet would have been a perfect craft for them to do.
    I would give the Lil Tweet to my sister in law who is doing a pink nursery for her expecting baby.

  14. Twig and Thistle Li’l Stitch Giveaway « The Crafty Musings of Laurie Coyle Says:

    […] of winning (kidding!): Kathleen at Twig and Thistle (one of my new favorite blogs) is having a giveaway for a sweet adorable li’l tweet stitch kit (in any of four colors). Go on over and join the fun, and look through her other fantastic goodies […]

  15. Pinar G. Says:

    Agree with Rachel s. and Cait W. ๐Ÿ˜€ I would love him; he would also love my room as his new home :)) I don’t want to grow up…

  16. Sharon C. Says:

    I would love to win this prize! I have a good friend who just had a beautiful baby and I think Lil Tweet would be a great addition to his bedroom.

  17. Jackie H. Says:

    tweet tweet! these are absolutely adorable! again, i must say how wonderful your site is and i totally love seeing how it’s developing. yay!

  18. Candace T. Says:

    i love it & i know my little girls would too. but i’m afraid that i would need 2 of them! i can’t see my daughters wanting to share such a cute little thing.

  19. madesweet Says:

    These are so fantastic!! I would obviously throw the most amazing baby shower anyone had seen. :) seriously though, i threw a baby shower a couple months ago and designed my own shower invites etc. because I couldn’t find anything out there that was very well designed. but now my search is over. huzzah!

  20. Heather L. Says:

    So fun! I would send him to a dear friend of mine who is preparing for her first little girl (she already has two little boys) and has been put on bed rest. A lovely project like this would be just the thing to take her mind off of any stress and worry she is feeling.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. jayna r Says:

    how perfect! my sister-in-law loves owls (something to do with her college sorority), and after years of using that no-sew iron fusing tape to make all of her crafts and projects- which, admittedly, is a technique she has really mastered, you should’ve seen this year’s halloween costume!- she’s just decided to learn to sew. This would be a most fitting project for her :) Thanks for the offering the giveaway–what a fun idea!

  22. Alicia L. Says:

    I love this design! I feel like I’m going to a baby shower every weekend! I would love to give this to my close friend becuause it’s extra special!

  23. Abby L. Says:

    Just found out that I am due in November! Would love to have some beautiful cards and such for my shower. I’m selfish, I would use it on myself. Whooo (pun intended) could blame me.

  24. Venessa Says:

    Venessa M.
    I would soooo add him to my owl collection!!! I have been loving this since i saw it when you did it for baby sanchez!!! gorgeous!

  25. Wendy D Says:

    Sweet and soft. How fabulous for a baby shower!
    I would love a pink one to make and put on my daughter’s bed!

  26. Johanna Says:

    Ah, I’d give this to a good friend as a present – to lift up her spirits and let li’l tweet make her day :)

  27. Taylor B. Says:

    My cousin is having her first baby who’s due in June. This would be perfect to make and give to her in May during her baby shower.

  28. Liz G Says:

    This li’l tweet is too cute – I don’t think I could part with it – may just have to keep it so I can love it :)

  29. Mori G. Says:

    Love.. Love.. Love.. it! I would use the kit to surprise my cousin who lives in Texas and is having first baby in July. She loves all things “owl” and adores the color green. thanx sweet darling!

  30. Loopy R. Says:

    OOOOOO! He’s SO cute!!! I would use this to teach my new niece to sew! Her favorite color? Pink! Her favorite bird? Owls! Perfect!

  31. Amy W. Says:

    My best friend Jill is expecting her first baby in early September. She and her husband have been calling the baby “Bart” even though they don’t know the sex yet. I would love to make a little tweet to welcome Bart. Even though we are not related through blood, I will be an aunt to this little one. I can’t wait to meet him/her. Thank you!

  32. Heidi B Says:

    Such an adorable kit! I would immediately put it to good use, as I have a lot of girlfriends & cousins having babies and the baby showers could use an extra bit of sparkle.

  33. Marcia Z. Says:

    Our little one ADORES birds. He’d love to find this little owl in his crib when he wakes up from a nap!

  34. Luna M Says:

    That is so adorable I kind of feel stupid. That looks like it might be nice to snuggle up with on a chilly spring evening!

  35. Beth H Says:

    Incredibly cute!

    My sister is having her first child in October… and I am becoming an aunt for the first time! I’m so excited to throw a shower and this would be amazing!

  36. Andrea R. Says:

    This lil tweet would go right to my friend who would lovem love, love it! Wonderful idea!

  37. gyoza*girl Says:

    i love your Li’l Tweet! and your friend was one lucky girl having such a styish and sweet baby shower in her honour! a L’il Tweet in our household would find a nice little comfy nest in my 1-year-old’s crib where it would get lots of love and hugs. :) leanne s.

  38. Sarah H Says:

    He is so lovely! I will hug him every night before I go to sleep ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. Kristie T Says:

    What a beatiful little kit! that is just divine.
    I am not sure what I would do with the kit. My head would grapple with the fact that it is beautiful design and NEEDS to go up on my wall of “cool stuff”, but my heart would be saying that there is a beautiful pregnant friend who would adore something so special and sweet. Head vs Heart. such a hard, hard decision!

  40. Sarah S. Says:

    LOVE IT! I would give it to my little one to snuggle at bedtime. :)

  41. Lorena B Says:

    I could finally stop worrying about how to make a cool baby shower for my best friend who is expecting in July because this design would be anything like I have seen before! wooo hoooo

  42. Liz R Says:

    Oooh, I’d make it up for my best friend who just had her first baby today! And I’m not making that up either!

  43. Nicole C. Says:

    OOoh, I think I’d be a Li’l selfish and keep it for myself to be displayed in my work space. Adorable!

  44. Anna C Says:

    Everything about the set is so utterly cute! You’re friend is really lucky to know someone like you^^

  45. Erin Says:

    That is super cute! Very creative! I would love to give one to each of my nieces, but I may just have to keep it for my self. Would look super cute in my office. :)

  46. Pamela E Says:

    Oh I just love owls! I would save these for a baby shower for myself or for one of my sisters when they decide to have kids. Good things are worth waiting for :)

  47. Michelle C Says:

    I’d throw the best damn tweetiest baby shower for my friends, if and when they get preggers.

  48. Bonnie L Says:

    That little owl is so puffily adorable!

  49. LoLa Says:

    Hello there,
    This is so cute…
    and would be perfect for my yet unborn niece Elisa.
    My sister is ready to pop anyday now.
    Kudos to a great blog

  50. Katy D Says:

    I have all sorts of expecting friends! They would simply be so impressed with the invitations!

  51. Meghan C Says:

    My cousin is having her first child in May – a baby boy! I would love to give her something this sweet for her new addition. Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Crystal F. Says:

    I would keep it for myself, maybe sit it on my desk so I can see it’s cute self all the time!

  53. Diana M. Says:

    I am so in love with owls right now. I should give it away to a little friend of mine (anyone under the age of 5), but I might consider keeping it for myself. Is that wrong? Hee hee.

  54. samantha c Says:

    My best friend is having a baby in July and I need to start planning her shower :-) These would be BEYOND perfect and adorable!

    samanthajocampen at gmail dot com

  55. Leah R. Says:

    I think I would have to keep it for myself! :) It’s very cute.

  56. ning fathia Says:

    What lovely colors! I think I’m going to have fun making all those kit with my nephew, Bob, as arrangement to welcome his dear little sister. My sister in law is 5 months pregnant.

  57. Michelle L. Says:

    These are adorable. I’d give it to one of my best friends who just had her first baby this week! She’s the first of all our friends to have a baby and we are beyond excited for her and her hubby.

  58. jean Says:

    i love the owls! super cute!

  59. Eileen S Says:

    I love it!!! I would give it to my friend Heidi, she is expecting a baby and she has been trying to conceive for 8 years!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. Talela S. Says:

    My daughter loves owls. We have one that lives in the trees behind our house that she says is her “friend”. This would be great for her so she can finally sleep with her “friend”.

  61. Carol G Says:

    I would fill him with some dried lavender so he would smell yummy!

  62. Nali P. Says:

    Oh this is lovely! I would stitch it up and give it to a lovely friend who just had a baby girl.

  63. heather h Says:

    I would teach my daughter Ava to sew with this little kit!

  64. Thuy B Says:

    I just recently stumbled on your website and I love it ! I know exactly what I would do if I was to win this giveaway. I am actually hosting a baby shower for one of my good friends in May and I all the twig goodies would be a hit.

  65. Niki Marusich Says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous idea!
    I can’t wait to have a baby shower and use all the fabulous ideas that you have shown us.
    Love love love it!

  66. Kate M Says:

    This is absolutely adorable! Even though it’s designed for a shower, I imagine myself using the owl as a cute little decoration in my new apartment. The decor has a very vintage and quirky feel to it and a stuffed owl would fit perfectly!

  67. Jessica H. Says:

    I would learn to sew!

  68. Nicole-Lynn Says:

    So cute! I would love to make one for my niece! What a sweet gift it would be.

  69. Bena Says:

    Love it! Wants me to pick up my sewing things again!

  70. Michelle A Says:

    I would give to my daughter so she can make it for her new baby brother!

  71. Andrea L Says:

    I love your creations and your blog! I am throwing a baby shower for one my good friends who is having a girl. This would be perfect!

  72. Karen M Says:

    I love this Li’l Tweet! I probably would guilt myself into giving it away, but I really would want to keep it for myself!

  73. Maryann I Says:

    I would give him to my 20 month old son, so he cuddle with during his bedtime story.

  74. Susan Says:


  75. Alana Says:

    Love this! And everything else you do. Pick me, pick me…please, of course.

  76. ting Says:

    I would selfishly hope that I could make this lil’ tweet for my baby (in about 10 months! Have been working on it for years…)

  77. Jasmine G Says:

    I saw the earlier posts and fell in love with the little owl.

    My sister is having her second baby (and it takes the pressure off me; I’m too young!), and after the first baby, many people, including my sister, don’t have baby showers.

    ‘Tis sad. I’d give this lil’ tweet for her little bub, come September, so “it” has some gifts too, not just hand-me-downs.

  78. Aveen M Says:

    How adorable! I have a lovely workmate who is pregnant at the moment and who I am trying to think of a perfect present for. This would be right up her street so I’d give it to her :-)

  79. Amber Says:

    My super perfect sister-in-law is MADLY in love with OWLS!! It is her first baby and we just found out monday 3/30 it’s a girl!!! I’ve been shopping your etsy site every other day for about 4 weeks making sure the owl baby shower items would be available when we finally found out the sex!!! Her best friend has already started painting the pink owls in the baby’s room! This set is absolutly PERFECT for the shower I am planning, please keep us in mind :)

  80. elsa Says:

    my daughter-in-law is in love with owls and is a crafter also. I’d give this to her and hear her squeal with delight and hug me!!!

  81. Jennifer Newman Says:

    LOVE this! How super fun and cute – a stuffed animal that is unique and that you can make in a package??? My child would go GAGA over this!

  82. Lauren Says:

    How precious! My sister-in law just found out she was expecting, and I would love to use these for her shower