DIY Sweetheart Brownie Valentine

February 10th, 2009

Here is another freebie just in time for Valentine’s Day. This graphic can be printed directly onto a paper bag for a quick gift or onto sticker paper and pasted to a box. However this is applied I’m sure the recipient will enjoy the treat inside! Instructions after the break!


Bake a batch of brownies as you normally would and using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out brownies. I baked mine in a 9×13 pan to get the most hearts out of one batch.


Download the bag graphic here and follow the directions in the PDF for printing. You’ll need a small 5×8.5″ paper bag. I now carry these paper bags in my Etsy shop and they can be purchased here (also available in white).

*I’ve recently updated this file for 2010! Please click here to download the file and see more images.

*Add a little more detail to the bag and scallop the top with a pair of pinking shears or rotary cutter.

*UPDATE: Download the latest version of the bag here. Enjoy and happy early Valentine’s Day to all!

60 Responses to “DIY Sweetheart Brownie Valentine”

  1. christa baca Says:

    Love this! Thank you so much!!! Everything that you produce has this special touch of wonderful. Love it.

  2. handmadejulz Says:

    that is fantastic! i love the bag that comes along with the sweets too 😉 thanks for sharing!

  3. ann Says:

    love love your blog. thanks so much. now i must go to packaging specialties to get those baggies. love that store. i could live there.

  4. Suzanne Says:

    This is beyond brilliant! Posting about this on Garnish’s site (folks need to know about you…although I’m sure they already do!). Love your blog, your creativity and inspiration to add a little *wow* to everyday.

  5. Rachel Says:

    These are FABULOUS! I am so doing this, how fun!!! Thanks tons for sharing, I’ll be linking as well.

  6. rachel best Says:

    These are wonderful! I love brownies! Hope you don’t mind, I’m going to post on my blog.

  7. dundeewriter Says:

    You are so sweet to share! Love it. Thank you!

  8. Christy Says:

    Wow your tutorials are super gorgeous! I’m sooo inspired. xx

  9. At Home with Kim Vallee Says:

    Love the graphic of your bags. I will try to create my own. Thank you for the template.

  10. Tiffany Says:

    Guess who’s going to Packaging Specialties tomorrow?! ME!!!! Thanks so much for such a cute idea! And Happy Valentine’s to you!

  11. bandelle Says:

    This is just the cutest idea. My husband is going to be a happy man 🙂 Thanks for posting the tutorial.

    x Kylie

  12. LaurenMarie - Creative Curio Says:

    This is totally adorable! I absolutely love your typography; it reminds me of Corner Bakery Cafe style. I collect all their little bits of printed collateral—to-go menus, ads, business cards… I know, I’m silly. But I’ll be adding your bag to my collection 🙂 How long have you been designing?

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  14. Rachel Says:

    Wow this is fantastic. Thanks!

  15. Marmee Says:

    I love this. When I printed my sack the directions were there also…oops .Need a tutorial cuz I’m doing something wrong.

  16. Betsy Says:

    These are so amazing. So easy and so cute. What a perfect gift. Looks like I will be rethinking my V-day baking list and gifts now. Thanks!

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  18. AmberLee Says:

    These are beautiful. I can’t think of a way to make a gift of brownies more dear. Thanks for a great set of freebies. I’ll be sharing with everyone I know.

  19. Tisa Says:

    Thank you so much for this download…however, when I download it the instructions are on top of the design – on both pages.

  20. Joseph Says:

    Marmee & Tisa: Are you printing from the “Preview” application on a Mac? If you are it shows hidden layers when you print for some reason. The easiest way to print this is to just use Acrobat Reader, if you don’t have it already you can get it at let me know if you need any more help!

  21. Claire Says:

    This is adorable! Any thoughts on where to find a plain brown bag such as the one in your photos?

  22. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Claire, I might try Michaels (, Joann’s (, Target (, a local stamp store or even a bakery supply shop. A small sandwich bag would work well too and those you can buy at Target and grocery stores. Good luck!

  23. Marilyn Says:

    These are super cute, but since I live on the East coast, I did a search for Packaging Specialties and they do have a website you can order from, although it is a little late for this year. FYI

  24. Stephanie Says:

    I so want to do this…off to check out my favorite paper store for this type of brown paper bag.

    Thank you for the download 🙂

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  27. Miss B. Says:

    How sweet is this entire project? Thanks for sharing this loveliness!

  28. Mimom2 Says:

    I can’t seem to figure out how to print on my bag without the directions? Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks so much for the cute PDF.

  29. Jeannie Guzis Says:

    I love this! Thanks for a great idea.

  30. Loralee - No Fuss Fabulous Says:

    This is genius. I love how perfectly simple and personal it is. Thank you very much! I love the pinking sheers detailing.

    Fresh. Fun. Fabulous. Thank you for inspiring! I am going to make them tomorrow!

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  33. christa baca Says:

    I made it!!! I couldn’t find the flat paper bags so I printed the label 3 up on a piece of brown kraft, wrapped the brownies in wax paper and taped the back shut. You can see the finished product here:

    THANKS!!! You made everyone smile!!!

  34. Give LDS Gifts Says:

    LOVE this idea! I’ll be linking. Thanks for the printable!

  35. Colleen Says:

    Sorry to be dense, but I still cannot get it to print without the instructions – I am using Acrobat Reader and a PC – any suggestions??

  36. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Colleen, I’m so sorry you’ve been having such a hard time with this. I’ve just updated the PDF link with a new file so give that a shot. Let me know if you still can’t print and we’ll keep trying to trouble shoot. Thanks for keeping me updated an good luck!

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  38. Nancy Says:

    Love it! However when I click on the link for the graphic it says “file is damaged and cannot be repaired.” 🙁 I’m using a Mac and was going to open in Illustrator once it downloaded to personalize with names. Any suggestions?


  39. Kathleen Says:

    Hmmm, try downloading it again, I tried on two different computers and it worked. If it still doesn’t I can email it to you.

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  41. lmullock Says:

    Love it! What typefaces did you use?

  42. Kathleen Says:

    Thanks to everyone for your great comments! I’m so glad that people had fun with this DIY project and it’s great to see how everyone put their own spin on it. The type faces that I used were Copperplate Bold and Bickham Script Pro Bold.

  43. Kate@ Kids and Cocktails Says:

    What kind of printer do you have? I’ve been looking for a great printer that has a top loading feature, etc. to be able to do projects like these. I have a typical printer that loads and curls paper. Boo!


  44. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Kate, I have an old Epson Photo R300 Ink Jet printer. I love this thing! It’s definitely worth it if you like to print at home. The Epson web site seems to have some good top loading options. Here’s a link: Good luck!

  45. Carolyn C. Says:

    YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! I am always awed by your talent.

  46. Wyetha Says:

    They came out great, I couldn’t find that size paper bag in my area grocery store, so I got small lunch bags and improvised. My daughter loved this one. — Thanks.

  47. lenny Says:

    love this!

    will make a great favor for parties!

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  53. Janie Craddock Says:

    Will I be able to print the bags with a laser jet printer? After ordering my bags, I read that an ink jet printer was used. Thank you for making the download available in “2010” and thanks in advance for your help! You are so creative!

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  55. Teresa McFayden Says:

    I’ve tried about 6 times to print this out correctly. I have an Epson Artisan 800…a pretty good inkjet printer. Keep getting ink blotches everywhere. Shoot. 🙁 Yours are adorable though!