October Wedding Sneak Peak

October 14th, 2009

My husband and I had the pleasure of going to the wedding of our dear friends over the weekend. I sadly didn’t take our good camera with us but I managed to snap a few shots with my iPhone. It was one of the sweetest weddings I have ever been to and I couldn’t be more happy for both Terri and Chris. The event was so delightfully romantic and the joy was overwhelming.

This was a truly handmade made affair and the details were impeccable! Chris made all the wine for the event while Terri designed and created all the extras. I just couldn’t wait to share their favors and beautiful cake with all of you. Hopefully I’ll be able to share the rest once they get their professional shots but in the mean time here’s just a taste!


The favors were little glass vases of suculants and canvas bags filled with soil to plant at home. The suculants served as a simple and elegant canterpiece that ran down the center of the table and at the end of the evening we each took a vase to plant and remember this sweet event by.

The cake was not only yummers but a real stunner as well! (Not sure who made it but I will update the post as soon as I find out.)Displayed on a wood round and adorned with a tree motif from their wedding invitations the cake tied all the elements together. Love the two little birds! Congrats again to Terri and Chris and thank you so much for sharing your special day with us. xoxo

3 Responses to “October Wedding Sneak Peak”

  1. Roxanne Says:

    Love the yellow wraps and delicious looking cake. The branch detail is just perfect.

  2. buhdoop Says:

    Who doesn’t love kittens, especially wrapped up adorable ones.

  3. buhdoop Says:

    Whoops, meant to post the above under the post after this one.