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TwigandThistle Acquires The Crafty Scientist TwigandThistle Acquires The Crafty Scientist

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TwigandThistle Acquires The Crafty Scientist

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TwigandThistles acquires The Crafty Scientist to expand its creative arts reach, promising a new era of DIY and craft inspiration.

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TwigandThistles, a prominent name in the DIY and craft industry, has announced the acquisition of The Crafty Scientist. This strategic move aims to expand Twigandthistles’ reach in the creative arts sector.

“The union of The Crafty Scientist with Twigandthistles marks an exciting evolution in our journey. Twigandthistles has been a beacon of creativity and innovation, and we’re thrilled to bring our communities together,” said Mel, founder of The Crafty Scientist.

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