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TwigandThistle Acquires The Steady Hand TwigandThistle Acquires The Steady Hand

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TwigandThistle Acquires The Steady Hand

TwigandThistle acquires The Steady Hand Blog, merging creative forces to offer expanded crafting resources and community engagement.

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The Steady Hand Blog

Twig and Thistle has announced the acquisition of The Steady Hand, a popular blog known for its extensive range of crochet patterns, eco-friendly crafts, and personal anecdotes from founder Aprile Mazey. This strategic move aims to enhance Twig and Thistle’s offerings by integrating The Steady Hand’s creative content and expanding its reach in the crafting world.

“We’re thrilled to welcome The Steady Hand into the Twig and Thistle family. This partnership opens new avenues for creativity and community engagement,” said the Twig and Thistle team.

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