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Diane Rado

Dive into our snug niche of home and furniture wisdom under the guidance of Diane Rado, our Editor-in-Chief. With ten years dedicated to renovating homes and a fervent passion for bringing vintage furniture back to life, Diane steers our editorial ship. Weekends find her scouring local flea markets, eyes peeled for hidden gems. Her knack for discovering those rare finds not only enriches her personal collection but also infuses our pages with unique perspectives on style and restoration.





Philip Ward

Philip Ward, our Editor-in-Chief, infuses our content with insights into modern home technologies and a commitment to eco-friendly practices. His articles serve as a bridge, connecting traditional DIY methods with innovative approaches. With expertise spanning automotive and repair, electrical and wiring, furniture repair, masonry and tilework, painting, plumbing systems, tools, wood, and metal working, Philip ensures our readers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle projects that blend sustainability with cutting-edge techniques.




Senior Editor

Kathryn Senior

Kathryn Senior, our Senior Editor in the Create & Decorate section, brings a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics to our readers. With her background in textile design and a deep commitment to sustainable crafts, she carefully selects content that marries classic techniques with the latest trends. When not curating inspiring articles, Kathryn dedicates her time to teaching crafting to children, sharing the delight of creation and fostering a new generation of makers.



Jeff Keating

Jeff Keating, our Senior Editor for Organize & Storage, has a knack for turning cluttered spaces into models of efficiency with his DIY decor and organizational skills. His design sensibility not only makes rooms look great but work better too. Outside the office, Jeff immerses himself in the art world, constantly seeking new forms of expression and actively participating in community art initiatives.



Content Creator

Caegan Moore

Caegan Moore, our talented Content Creator in the Create & Decorate section, excels in woodworking and transforming interiors. His comprehensive guides inspire readers to embark on their own home makeover projects. Beyond writing, Caegan dedicates himself to crafting custom furniture, ensuring each piece carries a unique, personal flair.



Sophie Brown

Sophie Brown, our Content Creator for Outdoors & Camping, has a knack for transforming any outdoor area into a lush paradise. Her projects focus on sustainable practices and DIY approaches to crafting dreamy outdoor spaces. Beyond her written contributions, Sophie spends weekends volunteering at local community gardens, where she shares her extensive knowledge and lends a helping hand.


Contribution to the Blog

From brainstorming sessions to the final touches on a post, each team member plays a crucial role. Diane Rado  and Philip Ward set the vision, Kathryn Senior and Jeff Keating ensure our crafts section is bursting with creativity, Caegan Moore and Sophie Brown bring depth with detailed home improvement guides. Together, we create a symphony of content that resonates with our community.



Harper Martinez

A vibrant and innovative crafter based in New York, renowned for her contemporary DIY projects. Harper contributes cutting-edge ideas with a passion for sustainable materials. Her work inspires with a blend of traditional techniques and modern aesthetics.




Evelyn Wilson

From San Jose, Evelyn Wilson revives traditional crafts with a modern twist. With over three decades of crafting expertise, her contributions are a treasure trove of knowledge, preserving classic techniques while innovating for today’s crafter.




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