Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

Diverse Voices Matter: We pledge to amplify a wide array of creators. Expect to see work from a rich tapestry of backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspective to the crafting table.

Inclusive Content for All: Projects and ideas will mirror the wonderful diversity of our audience. Accessibility and relevance stand at the forefront of our content creation, ensuring everyone feels represented.

Actionable Steps We’re Taking

Welcoming Diverse Talents: Targets are set to enrich our team and contributor base with more varied voices. Active efforts are underway to reach these goals, reflecting our dedication to this cause.

Content That Speaks Volumes: Regular reviews of our articles and projects ensure representation and avoid stereotypes. Homes, crafts, and DIY projects from across the spectrum of society will grace our pages.

Engaging With Our Community: Your feedback is invaluable. We’re listening, learning, and evolving, thanks to your insights. Together, we’ll make our space more inclusive.

Our Goals

Clear, measurable objectives guide our journey toward a more inclusive platform. Whether it’s increasing the percentage of diverse contributors or expanding the types of content featured, we’re committed to making real progress.

Accountability and Transparency

Honest updates will track our progress, holding us accountable to you, our readers. Your trust is paramount, and we’re dedicated to earning it every day.