Pom Pom Giveaway!

December 1st, 2009




In honor of December 1st and just cause I think the world of all of you, I have another exciting giveaway! The very sweet Pary, of Orange Kisses, would like to give away a set of 5 poms in any color to one lucky winner. I just adore poms and try to use them in every event, you won’t believe how much these beauties can add to a space. Perfect for your next party or even to liven up a drab room, Poms add instantย cheer to any environment. I can think of a few upcoming holidays that these would be perfect for as well!

For a chance to win: Visit Orange Kisses Etsy Shop and leave a comment here with a note of how you’d like to decorate with your very own set of poms. Please be sure to include your first name and last initial.

*Giveaway ends Monday, December 7th, 2009 at 12 pm PST and the winner will be announced Tuesday, December 8th, 2009. Cheers and good luck! ** Contest is now closed.

197 Responses to “Pom Pom Giveaway!”

  1. maggie w. Says:

    omg! these poms are super cute! i would definitely use them for my kid’s birthday parties! i love making decorations and stationery myself, so i can color coordinate my kid’s birthday theme with these poms! or could be color pop too! ^^

  2. Amanda Says:

    Some blue and white pom poms would go perfectly with this years snow flake themed holiday party!

  3. Kathy Says:

    These would look great in my girls’ room. They would love them!

    Kathy S.

  4. Ashley G. Says:

    College dorms can be pretty drab, but these little beauties would brighten that space with a pop of color! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Paige S. Says:

    I love poms! I would love some pink, green and aqua ones to nestle amongst my cake stand collection. So cute!

  6. rachel thomas Says:

    Happy Holiday’s! I’d love to feature these poms in my bedroom for an elegant pop of color. Ho Ho Ho!

    Rachel T

  7. Youngmi A. Says:

    every year, our extended family (there’s A LOT of us!) has a Christmas party/family reunion extravaganza. the location we use each year is convenient for everyone but not the prettiest place. these poms would definitely change that!

  8. Anita P. Says:

    These just make me smile!! Love them. I think my 2 little nieces would love them in their rooms. I’d hang them from the ceiling at varying lengths for a ‘floating pom’ look. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Nicky K Says:

    Super cute!! I’d use them to decorate my upcoming bundle of joy’s nursery! And maybe even break them out earlier at his baby shower ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!!

  10. Rebecca M Says:

    I love these! I’ve seen similar poms on other blogs and even had the crazy thought to try to make them, but these are the best by far.
    I think I would use them in my wedding next fall as the bouqet for my flower girl. That way she’d get to keep them and reuse them however she’d like.

  11. Melanie C Says:

    As the Mother of 5 boys–I need some girly decor in my little sunroom/office/getaway! That is where I would put these little delights! I love them! What a great giveaway! Oh and I love you site–I am new to it and so happy I found you!

  12. Pinar G. Says:

    Wohoo ! I am not a little girl but.. they would be perfect for my bedroom. every new morning is a party ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Vicki Says:

    I love poms and I am using them for my sister wedding this May. I would love to use some beautiful pink ones for her outside wedding that will be under an open/exposed teahouse in a luscious park.

  14. Betsy B Says:

    my cousin’s wedding shower– how perfect!

  15. Tara C Says:

    I would love to use the Sweethearts 5 piece garland to decorate my new craft room!

  16. Jessica C. Says:

    I’d use them to decorate our spare bedroom – it’s currently a really, really blank canvas ready for some pops of color.

  17. Jinnie N. Says:


    I would use them for my upcoming wedding~! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Kristy H. Says:

    I’d love some yellow ones to hang above the computer desk!

  19. Blake K. Says:

    My stepdaughter wants me to throw her 15th birthday party, and these would completely light up the room! I’ve been dreaming of poms.

  20. Erika B. Says:

    They are gorgeous! I think I would choose sweethearts. I get to decorate a little girl room and I think they would be awesome in there!

  21. Amber Says:

    Don’t these just make you glad to be a girl. They make me think of cloud-flowers and a spring time party. Pretty pretty.

  22. Katie Anne Says:

    i love these and love making them! i like peacock, cool grey and mist together.

  23. Brittany W. Says:

    I would love to hang these over the dinner table for a small intimate dinner party with my closest friends.

  24. Chrystak K. Says:

    These are fantastic! Every year we gather a group of friends and family for a Birthday/New Year’s Eve Party. The poms would look great!

  25. Ellie K. Says:

    I’d use the pom poms for my wedding! They would be perfect!

  26. Emily G. Says:

    I would use them for an upcoming baby shower! And then hang them up in my hallway!

  27. Julie G. Says:

    I would use them in my mother-in-law’s hospital room. It would really make her smile!

  28. Stephanie R Says:

    I love poms! These would be a part of my children’s playroom. They bring so much whimsy and fun! I think I’d also move them into the dining room for birthdays.

  29. minna im Says:

    these are beautiful! i would use them to hang in the children’s hospital near my house. i go there every winter and take some toys…it would definitely brighten up the halls or rooms!!

  30. Jennifer S. Says:

    These are adorable! I will hang these cute poms from fishing line from the ceiling above my sons beds, this can be the celebration decoration that they get when we move the baby into the big broths room!

  31. Laura S. Says:

    Love! I’m thowing my sister-in-law a baby shower, how cute would pink and green poms be?!

  32. tonia f Says:

    I love these… How could you not leave these up all year long??? I would love the raw sienna and mulberry colors.

  33. marie r Says:

    i love them up against a wall, as a back drop to a special table at an event.

  34. Cristie S. Says:

    Just moved into my new place and need to add a bit of color and femininity to the neutral palette. These would be perfect!

  35. holly d. Says:

    id love to have a rotating collection to use above the faux fireplace mantle!

  36. dawson c Says:

    oh how pretty! i would get the mini ones and hang them across my mantle or use them as ornaments. i’d have to keep them up high so that my little boy doesn’t mistake them as balls to play with! and then after christmas i would hang them in my kitchen to brighten it up!

  37. Kalee S. Says:

    Oooh, I would totally use these in our sitting area for a punch of color!

  38. liz Says:

    where WOULDN’t I use these???

  39. Tammy W Says:

    What fun! I would get them to give to my 12 year old daughter. We would hang them from the ceiling in her bedroom. :)~Thanks!

  40. Lana C. Says:

    I would love to use these to decorate my daughter’s nursery. It would be perfect over her crib!

  41. deebs Says:

    id love these poms for my birthday bash next month!

  42. Randi G. Says:

    ooo I love these! I normally dont love pink, but I adore those light pink pom poms! They would be perfect for my future baby’s nurserry! ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Eve S Says:

    These would definitely be a permanent fixture in my daughter’s room. I’m thinking over the rocker where we read books? She would just totally lose it over these – her reaction would be the best part.

  44. Brittney W Says:

    Love those! I would hang them in my office? What better way to get my creative juices flowing?

  45. Jessica B. Says:

    I love these pom poms!! I would use them for my sisters (yes, two sisters are preganant!) baby showers on January 23rd and February 13. So beautiful!

  46. Rorie O Says:

    I’d love some hot pink and orange to bring some spice to my mostly white bedroom this winter.

  47. Elissa C. Says:

    Those are gorgeous. I would use them for my sister’s kitchen tea next year.