iPhone Stencil Kit

June 11th, 2009




I don’t plan on designing any iPhone apps any time soon so I can’t think of a great reason to get this iPhone Stencil Kit by Design Commission other than it’s totally awesome and I really want one! This stainless steel stencil is designed to help you brainstorm application ideas and sketch out iPhone UI icons. You can purchase your very own for only $16.95 and if you live in Seattle you have the option of picking it up. Each stencil comes with a mechanical pencil AND you can download a matching letter sized template that you can print out! Check out Design Commision for more details.

Seems fitting with the announcement of the iPhone3GS on Wednesday to add another iPhone accessory into my life. Anyone getting the new phone or upgrading? I’ve got an original so I suppose it’s time for a refresh. I have the worst sense of direction so I’m really looking forward to the Compass and the Tom Tom application.

*Side Note: Just wanted to remind all of you that today is the last day to enter the Camera Strap Giveaway. Please submitt all entry’s by 5pm PST. I forgot to mention the closing time in my original post but it has been updated. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning. Good luck!

3 Responses to “iPhone Stencil Kit”

  1. Teresa Says:

    Agree: cool! I’m not going to design any apps anytime soon, either, but it is an interesting conversation piece and I have “a thing” (read: debilitating compulsion) for owning unique objects. Want!

    Been lusting after the iPhone for ages, but AT&T sucks in this area. That Palm Pre looks amazing though; seriously considering it instead.

  2. kate@ Kids and Cocktails Says:

    I love it and must have it. LOL Have no idea how to design an app, but I can stencil with the best of them. 🙂 I’ll be getting the 3Gs asap. It’ll be my third. I’m a nerd and I feel the need to upgrade every time a new one comes out. I really want the video camera option. I also am having a small issue with my phone because of a sticky Coke coated charger that got used to charge it one day, so that’s my excuse. My husband is finally breaking down and getting one, so we’ll match How cute.

  3. tara Says:

    oooooooo…. must have it now! 🙂