2012 DIY Oscar Party!

February 9th, 2012

I’m so excited to share my Oscar printables for this year! I wasn’t sure if I was even going to do them but I’ve been getting a ton of requests for them and I got really excited about updating the set. The theme this year is black, white, gold and kraft paper. I know, super original, but I think the design is a playful mix of formal and slightly rustic hints.

This year’s entry  contains invites, paper oscar statuettes, popcorn boxes, drink tags and of course ballots; everything you need to throw a red carpet party in style! Oh, and I finally put together an “Oreo Cake” that I’ve been obsessed with since I saw it the Martha Stewart 2010 September issue. Tasty, but mighty dangerous indeed!

This simple invite gets some glamour when paired with a black string & button envelope. Add a little extra fun by hinting at the Oscars and addressing the envelope with the title “and the invitation goes to…”

I didn’t know if this idea was going to work but I knew I wanted to create a three-dimentional form of the oscar somehow for the decorations and table setting. These turned out to be far easier than I ever anticipated and added the perfect amount of Oscar spirit!

What movie night would be complete without popcorn? I couldn’t resist, so these popcorn boxes can be printed and folded together to complete the scene. I filled cellophane bags with homemade popcorn, then tied them off with b&w ribbon and placed them into each box. You could easily skip the bag and just fill the boxes with popcorn too.

These simple tags play double-duty as both drink tags and place cards at a table setting. Simply print, cut and secure by interlocking the provided adjustable slots. Write in guests name in advance or let them do it themselves when they arrive.

Last but not least, every Oscar party needs a voting ballot! I recommend sending these out with the invitation or having guest arrive early in order to have time to vote for who they think will win. It’s a fun way to get everyone engaged and enlists some competitive spirit.
Tally up the results and finish the night by awarding the player with the most correct votes a movie themed prize or an Oscar Statuette!

I hope some of you are planning an Oscar party this year and perhaps some of these printables will come in handy. I’m excited to see who’ll win and I have my fingers crossed for the Artist to take Best Picture. If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend it. It’s by far one of the best films I’ve seen in awhile and such a cute story!

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38 Responses to “2012 DIY Oscar Party!”

  1. Lightning Heart Says:

    my goodness, this is all so fabulous!

  2. Jill V / TerraSavvy Says:

    What fun! It beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Luisa Says:

    These are beautiful! I looove the statuettes! I am throwing a party, and I will definitely use a lot of these printables (as well as some from years past) :). Thanks!!

  4. arvee Says:

    I super love the white ink on the black envelope! ♥

  5. Heidi @foodiecrush Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous details, every point thoughtfully designed. I love this and will be linking it in my post for an Academy Award dinner party. Fab!!

  6. Not Just A Mommy! Says:

    I love it! How did I miss those macaron boxes? I’m going to need to stop by and get some!

  7. Heather (bourbonandbleu) Says:

    LOVEEE the oreo centerpiece!!

  8. Sophisticated Stationery Says:

    So cute! I never thought about an Oscar party!

  9. Trude Says:

    Super cute! Can’t wait to use them again this year! 🙂

  10. Serena {Pretty Fluffy} Says:

    You are amazing! I’m so glad to see all your posts coming through again – makes my day extra happy! xx

  11. Amanda Joy Says:

    Wow this makes for SUCH a great party! You are sooo sweet for making these!

  12. val Says:

    Hello I am so glad you are back and hope you are doing better with you health.
    Thanks forsharing.
    regards Val

  13. April Says:

    I’m beyond excited for the Oscars!!! Thanks for this!

  14. Allison L. Says:

    I can’t believe you are giving this all away for free!
    I guess I need to start planning my party now.
    This is such a great idea and I am loving it.

  15. Kara Says:

    How is it even possible to love this year’s Oscar downloads over last year’s?!?! I absolutely LOVE them and can’t wait for our family party! It was such a huge hit with my family last year, that they started talking about this year’s party at Christmas time. I could NEVER have done this on my own and the pressure was really amped up after last year. Thank you so very much for your generosity in sharing both your time and talents–you are the best, Kathleen!!

  16. Sandra Says:

    After seeing this I think I want to host an Oscar’s party. Love tbe inspiration.

  17. susan@pocacosa Says:

    LOVE! I used your printables last year & they were fabulous! How can it be that this year is even better! I featured your printables today on my blog: http://puertabella.blogspot.com/2012/02/free-oscar-printables.html

  18. Amy & Lisa Says:

    Wow..beautiful! Free?? Thank you, thank you!!! I think I need to share these on my blog too! 🙂

  19. Truly Smitten Says:

    good lawd, Kathleen! You come up with the most creative projects! Swoon!

  20. Shannon { A Mom's Year } Says:

    Your party is absolutely stunning, and you’re so generous to share it. Thank you!

  21. etta Says:

    Wow!!! This is beautiful and fun!!!

  22. Bobby Says:

    Wow.. I just have no words! The invites, the placements, the massive stack of oreos…! Incredible

  23. Miss Cutiepie Says:

    Thank you so much for these gorgeous printables, too cute! ♥
    Have a lovely day!

  24. SallyAnne Says:

    This is amazing! The printables are so beautiful and elegant and the paper statuettes so darn cute!! Thank you!

  25. karolina Says:

    Your Oscars parties are my winner!
    If you have a sec , please check it:

  26. Deniece Perry Says:

    Thanks to you, we are going to have a wonderful night!

  27. Ashley @ Any Lovely Thing Says:

    Thank you so much for doing these! I printed the ballots for my own Oscar party and I’m sure my guests will be so very impressed.


  28. Hilary Says:

    Oh hooray! I came back looking – hoping, praying! – for your beautiful Oscar design suite and here it is.

    Thank you for making my Oscar party infinitely more fabulous.

    XO –

  29. ruth Says:

    oh what fabulous party to throw. They are amazing!

  30. TheNOW Says:

    This is the best party I’ve ever “been to”. You are SO CREATIVE!!!! Thanks for all of the downloads! Maybe I can get it together by next year to use these 🙂 xoxo Elizabeth

  31. Jessica Says:

    Wow this looks phenomenal. Thanks for the lovely design and offering downloads! We shared your post with our viewers.

  32. Chrissy Kim Says:

    wow, THIS is fantastic!!! I want to host the Oscars party on sunday just so I can use these! Thank you!!

  33. Ashlee Says:

    Wow, thank you so much!! I love your designs! They are very cool and inspiring. I look forward to these templates every year! 🙂 I loved the whole black tie and Oreo theme. Thank you! Please do these design templates again for next year!

  34. Mike Says:

    Thanks for your work. Your Oscar Bingo was a huge success at my party. I’m looking forward for next year’s material, hope you do it.

    Again, thanks.

  35. Blog The New Black Says:

    This is the cutest table setting and paper accessories! I hope to have an Oscar party next year and this is FAB! Thanks for sharing.

  36. CaitW Says:

    Wow! These ballots were so fun to make, and I thanked everyone for their compliments but directed them all to this site! What a great way to participate in an evening of glitz and glamour!

  37. paddycakeparty Says:

    I love the ballot. What a great idea, and gorgeous printables! I have always wanted to host an oscars party 🙂

  38. Natalie Says:

    Are you making any Oscar party ballots this year? I loved the ones from last year – they were a huge it!