Baby Shower In Blue: Part I

June 7th, 2010

I’m so excited to share with you Part I of a baby shower I recently designed! My sister Allison and her husband Ryan are expecting a baby boy so I jumped at the chance to do something special for them. I loved the idea of using Matryoshka Dolls as the theme, so for the invitations I illustrated these to resemble the parents and the boy-to-be.

I letterpressed the invites myself and was able to save a little bit of money by using thick blotter paper. I then coordinated them with cute blue craft paper envelopes and lined them with a custom flower pattern from the invite. For the address I was able to print directly onto the envelopes with my laser printer. Above are some process shots of the printing process in the studio.

The rest of the shower coordinated with the nesting doll theme and the colors from the invitation which I’ll be be sharing more of tomorrow. In the mean time, I’m guest blogging today on PaperCrave and you can see more pics and get full instructions for the easy DIY baby shower banner (seen above). I hope you’ll stop by and say hello to Kristen and I!

26 Responses to “Baby Shower In Blue: Part I”

  1. Adele @ modernemotive Says:

    So pretty! Man, do I want to get into letterpressing. It really can’t be beat.

  2. Aimee Says:

    Gorgeous idea!


  3. bridget Says:

    they are beautiful, good job!

  4. summer Says:

    such stunning little details.. everything is picture perfect! i love the stripey straws and that big planter on the right.

    may i ask what that lovely font on the envelopes is called?

  5. marta Says:

    oooh.. i just gasped aloud. this is absolutely beautiful. what a sweet sister you are. i’d love to use that same motif for our upcoming baby! could you possibly add one more doll to the mix for our family of four?? xo. marta

  6. Says:

    This is beautiful! Stunning details!

  7. Maggie Rose Says:

    These are so sweet. What a lucky sister! Chuckled at the bearded nesting doll. Too funny!

  8. Violet Says:

    These are beautiful! I really love the envelopes too.

  9. Kristin Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them! So pretty.

    You mentioned “thick blotter paper” in your post. Where can you get this?

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kathleen Says:

    Thanks Kristen! I purchased the blotter paper from an art store and then trimmed it down. It’s 100% cotton and makes for a great alternative to the Crane’s Lettra paper.

    Isn’t letterpress amazing Rosanna?! I love it! I’m lucky enough to have a large Heidelberg machine at my office that I work at. I’m not sure where they found it but since they are no longer in production it was likely found online. Paper Source sells the L Letterpress Machine that might be good for small projects. Hope that helps!

    Rachel, the plate was made by an engraving company that specializes in letterpress plates. I designed my artwork in Illustrator and sent them the files which they then created the plates from. I’m not too clear on the actual plate making process but just glad I don’t have to make them myself 😉

  11. Damaris Says:

    this looks absolutely beautiful. good job. Seriously, good job.

  12. Rachel @ A Cupcake For Moose Says:

    Gorgeous! The M dolls are so original and fun!

  13. Glauce Says:


  14. Rosanna Says:

    Adore! You’ve inspired me to invest in a letterpress machine! Where, may I ask, did you find your lovely machine?

  15. Rachel Says:

    These invites are gorgeous! How did you create the invite page out of one piece? Did you make it yourself or have that made? I’d love to learn how to do that. Thanks

  16. Camille @ Style Notes Says:

    Those are some of the most darling invitations I’ve ever laid eyes on… a true treasure for the lucky couple!

  17. Amy Says:

    Um, I might have to steal this idea. So adorable. Would you be mad?

  18. Rosanna Says:

    Thank you so much for your help! you’re such an inspiration! Congratulations to your sister and bro-in-law on having a healthy baby boy!

  19. Rebecca Says:

    Beautiful work!! I just want to keep staring at it. Your sister must have been thrilled!

  20. carolinapostcard Says:

    Adorable design and really great pictures showing off all the details. Lucky sister!

  21. Oh Gorgeous Baby Says:

    GORGEOUS work! I am sure your sister loves you even more now!!
    I’m expecting a baby boy and I am having my own baby shower this Sunday and I can not wait. A couple of friends are hosting it but I have helped do alot of the designing as I just can’t help myself! It is a really special shower for me as my baby girl born 4 years ago was born at 27 weeks gestation and I didn’t get a chance to have a baby shower.

    Now I am off to explore the rest of your blog and read the rest of the baby shower posts.

  22. Kenziepoo Says:

    Wow, so beautiful!! Great job, and so talented!

  23. Bron @ Baby Space Says:

    The colour blue you have chosen is divine and I am so impressed by your letterpress invites. Simply love your work. And how wonderful for your sister!

  24. Catherine Says:

    Everything looks so pretty! I love your baby shower designs. I’m currently planning a baby shower for my friend (who’s having a boy) and I can’t wait to make the banner to decorate the room. If I can make it look half as pretty as yours I’ll be very happy.

  25. Lindsey Says:

    So beautiful! What a lovely idea. Gorgeous, well done.

  26. João Says:

    I love the blue and the design, congratulations