DIY Peanut Butter Dog Treats

November 30th, 2009



Hope everyone here in the states had a good Thanksgiving weekend! I got to try a few projects I’ve been really meaning to do, while the hubby pretty much stayed glued to his Xbox. All in all a win win! Anyway, here is one said project, homemade dog treats! A friend sent me the recipe and it couldn’t be easier, just mix, roll, cut and bake! I used some pie crust cutters I got for my birthday and they were the perfect size for little Tula. One word of advice thougth, you can really taste the baking powder so when I do this next time I’m going to try to use less and see how they work out.

Also, I had to postpone the last Friday’s surprise, fingers crossed for this week!

12 Responses to “DIY Peanut Butter Dog Treats”

  1. jen Says:

    Tula is adorable. Will have to try these for my einstein!

  2. Grace Says:

    Tula is ADORABLE! What a great idea. I think this is the cutest picture I’ve seen of a dog in a long time. Thanks for posting!

  3. Kat @ TapeSwell Says:

    What a lovely idea! I’ve been looking for good recipes for my puppy Spencer. He ate a lot of people food over Thanksgiving, but for Christmas he’ll get his own treats. Tula is adorable, by the way.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Tula is just about the cutest dang thing ever. I am so making these for my Monty. Thanks for posting!

  5. Magchunk Says:

    Oh my gosh! Is that your doggie? She is just precious!

    We’re adopting a kitty for Christmas (I think after the tree comes down…) and I’ve been having so much fun looking for fun treats and toys to put in his or her stocking. It’s the perfect time to pamper our pets 🙂

  6. Nicole-Lynn Says:

    The dog is adorable!!

  7. joanna goddard Says:

    so cute! oh my goodness!

  8. Rebecca Says:

    hehe, she looks terrified of something off camera haha…I think the name Tula is one of the cutest names I’ve heard in a while

  9. pary Says:

    sigh….can I take that pup home? just melts my heart…

  10. Lindsey Says:

    Tula is adorable!!!
    I may have to make these for my own doggy.

    { Lindsey }

  11. Jennifer T. Says:

    What a beautiful Cavalier!

  12. Kiki Says:

    what?!?!? is that your dog? goodness, so cute. is that a king charles cavalier? i am trying to convince husband to get me one, but he’s not listening to me! argh!