DIY Christmas Stocking

October 28th, 2009



Ok, I know it’s not even Halloween yet but I can’t deny that I am looking forward to the holidays. This handcrafted stocking was sent to me by a friend and college from work. His ever so talented wife Karen, of Maggie Makes, created this beautiful stocking and I just couldn’t wait to share! A set of these would make a lovely gift to a friend or even to yourself. It’s projects like these that truly make the holidays memorable and fun. Be sure to check out Karen’s blog for the complete tutorial and other fantastic projects.

Karen also entered her tutorial in the Scrap buster Tutorial contest on Sew, Mama, Sew! Swing on over to show your support and see all the other amazing entries.

2 Responses to “DIY Christmas Stocking”

  1. jen Says:

    oh this is so cool! i will be making these for the holidays! And dont feel bad…. I bought wrapping paper last weekend because i liked it so much i didnt want it to sell out!

  2. LAWRENCE Says:

    Thanks for writeing this post! I can’t belive that it’s really almost Christmas, where does the time fly?