Typography Match Game

June 9th, 2009




I love me a good matching game and the Switzerland by Momento happens to be my current favorite, however, I think this new one by the Brazilian design studio ps.2 could be a new contender. This typographic memory game was created as a self-promotion and features 20 different type families. It comes complete with a typographical glossary and history of each font, making this a designers dream game and a typographer’s porn 😉

Via: We Love Typography Via: iDiY

11 Responses to “Typography Match Game”

  1. lemonlime pie Says:

    I love these. I wish I had been one of the recipients of this self promo.
    And I love your blog and your beautiful designs.

  2. tara Says:

    stop the madness. i am drooling over these!!

  3. seesaw designs Says:

    WOAH! Wow. NEED this.

  4. Abby L. Says:

    I wish we could see a zoomed in version and I could test my skills.

  5. Suzie's Armoire Says:

    LOL! I just told the person that sent me the link that I was drooling. Then I read the comments. Glad to see I’m not alone! And I was also hoping I had received one, and was also wishing I could zoom in to test myself. Man, I’m such a typography geek, I guess.

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  7. Nicole R. Says:

    I love this!!

  8. Paper Around The Web, Mega Vacation Edition Says:

    […] * I loved the Memory game when I was a kid, and seeing this Typography Memory Game by Brazilian design studio, ps. 2, really makes me want to play. – via Twig & Thistle […]

  9. brittany Says:

    gah! I wish these were for sale!

  10. Amanda Says:

    This is the most amazing thing in the world. Thank you.

  11. liquid06 Says:

    It would be a neat design or letterpress exercise to produce something similar in concept with different type families or basic concepts and terms of design and typography!