DIY 4th of July Party Set

June 29th, 2010

I did these last year but I really wanted to share them with my newer readers. I love how the project turned out and they would make the perfect compliment to yesterday’s DIY. For full instructions, check out the original post. You’ll find everything you need to make your own sparkler cards, matchbook wrappers and straw tags, including printable templates!

9 Responses to “DIY 4th of July Party Set”

  1. Noodles and Waffles Says:

    I love it! I’m going to surprise my family with these for the holiday. Thanks!

  2. Hilary / Lovely and Gracious Says:

    these are great! what a fun way to celebrate!

  3. Aimee Taylor Says:

    I Love the 4th of July! It’s time when you know Summer is in Full Swing & it brings back Great Childhood Memories! Sparklers are still my favorite….and OH! how I LOVE your CuTe project!!!!!! We’re going out of town for the 4th…I hope I can squeeze some extra time in to make some of these, in between packing, etc!

  4. Simply Designed Says:

    Love this idea. I was just searching your blog yesterday for these! Thanks for sharing again.

  5. Alyssa N. Says:

    These are absolutely adorable. I feel like I should arrange a get together just so I can make these.

  6. Says:

    Oh this is too cute! I want to throw a party now! =)

  7. Kinser Event Company Says:

    Thank you SO much!! I just reposted on my blog and my FB page They are ADORABLE!!

  8. Kinser Event Company Says:

    Thank you SO much, I just reposted on my FB page and blog – they are ADORABLE!!

  9. Emily Says:

    I love these! In fact, we used your design templates for our wedding last year! (