Sebastian’s 1st Birthday Invitations

July 20th, 2009




It seems like yesterday that I was hosting Katie’s baby shower and now little baby Sanchez is celebrating his first birthday! I got this charming invitation from his ever so talented mother in the mail last week and had to share. Those sewn graph paper envelopes are just to die for! If the invites are this adorable I can’t even begin to imagine how awesome the party will be!

19 Responses to “Sebastian’s 1st Birthday Invitations”

  1. Liz G Says:

    These are adorable!

  2. Nicole-Lynn Says:

    These are SO adorable!

  3. anabel fournier Says:

    Great! I love the felt shape and that the little boat fits on the waves. Cheers!

  4. Josephine Says:

    What’s the ribbon-like thing on the top left hand corner of the envelope?x

  5. Kathleen Says:

    The ribbon on the upper left is a sticker with their return address. Isn’t that so cute?!

  6. Anna Says:

    These are just so perfect! Love, love, love the details!

  7. Emily Says:

    This is precious! What a wonderful idea..

  8. Kyong Says:

    Katie!! Theses are absolutely precious. Oh my, I wish I could attend Sebastian’s bday party. I can’t wait to see you when you come in town!

  9. Casey Says:

    the invite is seriously adorable!

  10. Teresa Says:

    WOW! So creative! I never would have thought of something like this. Wonderful!

  11. Josephine Says:

    They are definitely super cute! I’d love to create something like that, do you think she might be happy to share how she did it?x

  12. Coniqua Says:

    This invitation is super cute. Even more so because she pulled it off with the little one under foot.

  13. Katherine Marie Says:

    WOW WOW WOW… What a true delight.

  14. kaela Says:

    And you two get to be friends? Lucky!

  15. Maria Says:

    Great invite! Do you have the instructions and templates???

  16. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Maria! I do actually sell a modified version of this invite in my Etsy shop. You can check it out here along with the quiz card, favors, gift boxes and mailing labels. Each piece also comes in green, pink, blue and yellow.

  17. Ana Says:

    Hello! I loved it! Was wondering if you sell them or have instrauctions or templates for them????
    thank you

  18. lisaping Says:

    Hi there… I love this invitation card… My god-son is turning 1 year old in 2 months time. Do you think I could use this idea (modified) to make invitations for his little friends?

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