Friday Pick Me Up!

July 24th, 2009


I’ve been feeling a bit gloomy the last few days, not exactly sure why, but I needed something to pull me out of my funk. To brighten my spirits I decided to do a collage of all the pretty things I’ve seen around the web over the past days. This did just the trick, I feel refreshed and a whole lot more cheerful! The fact that it’s Friday is an added plus! Have a fantastic weekend and lot’s of love to all of you. xoxo

From left to right, top down: Tissue Poms via Martha Stewart, Loveology via ffffound, Sunshine Illustration via Illustration Friday, Shoes via ffffound, Prety dress via Flickr, Poster via ffffound, Scarlet Fig fabrics via Decor8, Letterpress Fortune Teller via Design Sponge

8 Responses to “Friday Pick Me Up!”

  1. Clover Says:

    Absolutely adorable!
    This definitely made my Friday. 🙂

    Love the colours of everything.

  2. Leesil Says:

    Love it! I almost forgot it was Friday; thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  3. Erin at Vale Design Says:

    Thanks for the pick me up! Hope you’re feeling better! Maybe a mention on Creature Comforts today would make you feel better…you should check it out! 🙂

  4. Vilija Says:

    This is great – I love the collage and the mood it sets.

  5. Iva Says:

    wonderful picks – so colourful and cheerful! love it!

  6. emily Says:

    ahhh… what a lovely weekend it was…. this collage just made it all the more so too! I’d like to live in that world there!

  7. Lorna Says:

    Hi, lovely blog and pictures. Lisa/ Nenaghgal told me about your lovely blog, glad I visited 🙂

  8. jamieofalltrades Says:

    cracking up over that quote… kids don’t know shit! i think that really applies to teenagers!