DIY Picnic Blanket & Goodbye (for now)

July 18th, 2011

Hi friends! I am so, so sorry for not blogging in so long. Some of you know that I recently had surgery for a severely herniated disk and I was feeling great for a few weeks. I was beginning to feel like my old self when I started suffering from similar pains again, only on the opposite side this time.

I’ve thought long and hard about this decision but I’m afraid I will be officially taking some extended time off from Twig & Thistle to rest and (hopefully) heal. I feel like I’m breaking up with a best friend or the sweetest boyfriend ever and I can tell you this hasn’t been an easy process for me. You all have been so supportive and generous with your comments and kind emails and I will miss all of you dearly. I’m not sure how long I”ll be taking or what exactly the future holds but I hope to run in to all of you again soon!

Before I say my final goodbye, I have one last DIY project that I had to share. (I managed to fit this one in when I was feeling tip-top) I’ve been drooling over this painted zig-zag rug by The House of Smiths and wanted my own little bit of chevron style so I thought I’d make a picnic blanket!

This project took me about 4 hours total but overall it was pretty easy. I bought a fabric drop cloth from Home Depot for $6.98, which is perfect for a picnic blanket since it’s backed with plastic. And since I was covering a larger surface area, I didn’t have enough vinyl to spare so I created a chevron template out of foam core to trace the pattern onto the tarp.

Once my pattern was drawn, I used painters tape to seal off the paintable areas – this part definitely took the longest. Once it was all taped up I got to painting with a roller which went relativly quick and dried overnight. I love how it turned out and I have so many more picnic blanket ideas now. I think they’d make fun gifts or a great way to decorate for an outdoor summer party.

Lot’s of love to you all and thank you again for visiting! Sincerely yours, Kathleen xoxox 

98 Responses to “DIY Picnic Blanket & Goodbye (for now)”

  1. erin * sparke & hay Says:

    rest up & feel better – we will miss you & hope for a speedy recovery & return!!!

    p.s. LOVE that blanket – may you enjoy many relaxing picnics on it!

  2. Carolyn Says:

    We will miss you and your constant creative inspiration. Sending hugs for a full recovery. Hope to see you back here soon.

  3. DanDan Says:

    I simply LOVE your blog!!
    Sorry to hear about your health. Take all the time you need to heal properly and to get strong and we’ll be here ready and waiting when you feel able to return.

  4. Angie Burke Says:

    Love this project and will miss your lovely posts! I’m wishing you a speedy recovery (and keeping you in my reader). xxoo

  5. W Says:

    Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery. Thank you for all of your spectacular posts and your willingness to share your ideas. Thanks again and best wishes.

  6. Rachelle {wiley valentine} Says:

    we will miss you and your wonderful projects and posts. hope you have a speedy and easy recovery. xoxo

  7. Katie Says:

    I am so sorry you are still suffering, but good for you to take time for you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Your blog is so beautiful, so I know you will be back someday!

  8. chelsea Says:

    Hey Kathleen! I am so sorry to hear this. Please let me know if you need anything at all!

  9. monica Says:

    Don’t say this is your final good-bye. Get well and everyone will be ready and waiting I’m sure once you are 100%!

  10. AoMM Says:

    Sorry to hear about your health. I hope you get well soon. I’ve been addicted to your blog for quite some time now. Please do come back whenever you’re ready. I’ll be waiting. (^__^)

  11. susan@pocacosa Says:

    we will miss you!

  12. chandra ~ oh lovely day Says:

    You have been my FAVORITE DIY source for years now and while I am so sad to see you take a break, it is important and necessary. Feel better and come back soon! big hugs.

  13. Libby Says:

    I saw your blanket on Pinterest and made one myself. I wrote about it on my blog 🙂

  14. Rachel Says:

    Hi Kathleen! So sorry to hear about your surgeries! I wish you a healthy and speedy recovery.

    Sending my best wishes and prayers your way.


  15. MariAnne Says:

    Have loved following your blogging for some time now – I will miss your writing. Blessings – I will pray for a quick recovery for you.

  16. Lindsay Says:

    Hope you heal fast and feel better soon, this picnic project is so great! Thanks for all the comments you have made on my blog, I appreciate it. Take care!

  17. Roe Says:

    i love this idea! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  18. K Says:

    What type of paint did you use and how much did you need? My detail craving mind is in overload.

  19. Madame Bonbon Says:

    Kathleen, so sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. I hope you recover quickly and wish you all the best for your future. I’ve really enjoyed your projects and articles.

    Best wishes,
    Madame Bonbon

  20. Suzonne Says:

    I wish I didn’t know how awful disk problems are, but taking a break from the computer really could help you heal faster than just about anything. You’ll be missed, but better to have you in tiptop shape. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  21. Tracy Says:

    I just recently found you, and I am enjoying your site so much I had to say hello & thank you. I hope you recover and want to come back again.
    Thank you for all these goodies on here!!

  22. Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons Says:

    Oh, you will be missed in the blogosphere….hope your time off helps you to focus on your health, and that you have a speedy recovery!

  23. Lauren Says:

    your quick recovery is what we all want…so, yes, take your time. we’ll be here for you when you’re ready to come back (no pun intended!).

  24. April Says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! We’ll miss you!

  25. Reez Says:

    Sending well wishes your way! Thank you so much for yet another great idea – you will be missed.

  26. Susan C. Says:

    So sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Take your time and heal and be well. You and your creative crisp ideas will be missed. God Bless and take good care!

  27. Tracy B. Says:

    I hope you are feeling better soon.

  28. Marisol Says:

    Oh K! I’ll be sending you nothing but good vibes your way. Here’s to a fast and healthy recovery. Keep in touch! xoxo

  29. Royall Says:

    Thank you for your wonderful blog posts! Get well!

  30. Raina Says:

    Rest easy and get well soon!

  31. lyndsey | the stationery place Says:

    so sorry to hear that kathleen! hope you feel better soon. we’ll miss you in the blogosphere for sure.

  32. Anne-Marie Faiola Says:

    Aww, I hope you feel better and heal up fine! Love the chevron picnic blanket idea by the way =)

  33. Lauren Says:

    I just discovered your blog, but I’m just as sad to see you go. My mom had a herniated disk 16 years ago after she fell off a ladder onto concrete. Two back surgeries later and she’s nearly back to her old form. She still does back stretches and found that acupuncture (surprisingly) helped the pain.
    I know from watching her how painful a herniated disk can be, so I wish you good luck and good health in your recovery.
    See you when you get back 😉

  34. K Says:

    A swift and full recovery to you . . . you will be missed.

  35. Ez Says:

    Oh no Kathleen! I just read this now and am sending you all sorts of good thoughts for quick healing and happy trails…wherever the road may lead you. You’ll be miss so much. xo Ez

  36. Truly Smitten Says:

    oh no!!! Please get well soon and I’m so sorry to hear about your back! Take EXTRA good care of yourself and we’ll miss you terribly! Hope to see you back!

  37. Ayana Says:

    Nice photos 🙂 Makes me want to spread out an that picnic blanket right now. Thank you so much for great idea – you will be missed. Sending well wishes your way!

  38. rebecca Says:

    First, I love that picnic blanket idea and might have to try it out! i used to be craftier when i was younger and have really enjoyed your posts. (Now, I craft through baking…)

    Best wishes to healing from your injury/ies and I do so hope to see you here again!

  39. anna and the ring2F8 Says:

    Oh please feel better soon.

    Must try it out. Such a cute idea.

  40. Pear Tree Greetings Says:

    I would have never thought to paint a painting tarp, but what a perfect picnic blanket!! I have only just discovered your site, but I am wishing you full and speedy recovery. -Steph

  41. criscrascrus Says:

    love everything you do!

  42. Natalie Says:

    This is such a great idea! I love the color you used, too. Thanks for sharing!

    By the way, I just booked a wedding for 2012 and I’d love your input on which lens{es} I should consider purchasing!

    Natalie 🙂

  43. a.j Says:

    get well soon.!!! be back fast. 🙂

  44. Sarah Says:

    get will soon!
    We will miss you~

  45. Mrs. Châtelaine (in PARIS!) Says:

    Kathleen, so sad to hear about your injuries. I hope you are on the mend and wish you a speedy return to us!


  46. Christine Says:

    Hope you are doing better…- best wishes and lots of positive energy from Germany!

  47. natalie Says:

    What kind of paint did you use?

  48. brenda Says:

    sorry you are experiencing new physical challenges. I selfishly hope you will retain your email contact list and be back to say hello again soon. Prayers from so many of us !!!