Well Branded: Easy

May 10th, 2010

I am completely enamored with the identity and design of Easy Bistro  & Bar, a French and New Orleans restaurant in Chattanooga Tennessee. The project was a collaboration between Widgets & Stone and Maycreate Idea Group and the result is simply spectacular. The translation of the graphic elements to the environment is just impeccably executed and solidifies the impact of the brand.

Images by Jason Connel via ffffound

12 Responses to “Well Branded: Easy”

  1. tiina Says:

    I love it! The dotted text in the logo works perfect with the rest of the look!

  2. Daniella Says:

    This is beautiful!

  3. Widgets & Stone Says:

    Widgets & Stone, not Widgets & Sons. Thanks for the write up!

  4. Kathleen Says:

    Opps, my sincerest apologies! All fixed now 🙂 Thanks for the heads up and great job on the brand! Kathleen

  5. Maggie Rose (Magchunk) Says:

    Beautiful! The penny tile is so perfect!

  6. Kitty Says:

    My favorite is the tiles. Such a beautiful detail

  7. Kate/MagnoliaRouge Says:

    I love the black interior – so chic!!

  8. aron Says:

    What a great look! Too bad it so far away.

  9. Dawn Says:

    …and the food is delicious!

  10. April Says:

    AMAZING! Love the colors, texture, everything!

  11. Licia Says:

    Love the the pop of green!

  12. Alisa: a pina colada Says:

    I love companies that are well branded, and this one is amazing! Love the colors, design, and simplicity. Wow!