Book Lights

January 5th, 2010



I could probably devote a whole blog to porcelain but until I can find the time to do that you’ll just have to suffer through another post 🙂 My mother-in-law, Marilyn, sent me a link to these amazing book lights from In Every Tree!  The glow is completely wonderful and I love the shot of the shelves full of them! I’d never want to turn them off!

6 Responses to “Book Lights”

  1. alice Says:

    Those are brilliant!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Oh Wow! These are so lovely. I love the simple design and soft glow. In my mind there is no such thing as too many posts dedicated to porcelain!

  3. Melissa A. Says:

    I love these. I have very tall dark book shelves in my office and they have lights at the top, but I don’t always like to turn them on. I just bought one of those candles that look like a candle, but really isn’t, to put a little glow into the book shelves, but I like these even better.

  4. Mouse Says:

    SO PRETTY! Except we’ll have to weed out a bunch of actual books to make room.

  5. heleen Says:

    Oh that’s lovely! I already believe there’s magic inside every book, but this portrays it perfectly

  6. Michelle Meals Says:

    I la-la-looooove this blog! So many charming ideas, great eye candy and inspiration. Flora and Henri is to die for. I just told my husband I wanted to make 25 children and dress them all from that website. oops! Thanks for the post.