T&T on SMP! DIY Favor Boxes III

August 4th, 2009

Today I wanted to share my latest in the box series that I’ve designed for Style Me Pretty!



Images by me

I was day-dreaming of a vintage candy shop when I created these. This set includes four different patterns so that you can mix-and-match or just choose your favorite. Fill them with sweet treats and they make the perfect favor! Be sure to visit Style Me Pretty for the full post and to download the templates!

For some other exciting news, Abby is featured in this months edition of Bride & Bloom. The article is a behinds the scenes look at Abby’s life as a professional blogger. Being the huge fan that I am, I just had to have a copy of my own. I picked it up over the weekend and to my surprise I discovered that Twig & Thistle received a little shout-out as well!!!! At the end of the article is a section of Abby’s top 5 favorite things for weddings right now and she lists the DIY projects and favor boxes that I’m creating for her!


I’m completly honored to be included in her favorites list. A BIG thank you to Abby for the mention and congrats on her continued success! Be sure to pick up a copy of Bride & Bloom for yourself, it’s a stunning magazine and the article is fantastic.

20 Responses to “T&T on SMP! DIY Favor Boxes III”

  1. beth Says:

    ooooh…where did you get those straws?

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Aren’t those straws cute?! I got them at Packaging Specialties, a local store here in Seattle but you can get them online at Kikkerland for $3.00. Cheers!

  3. MKK Says:

    Oh Kathleen, These made me smile. Besides weddings these would be great with the 30’s fabric birthday flags you made in Jan.

  4. Miss Kitty Says:

    Those boxes are super lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kalani Says:


  6. Cat Says:

    Love these sherbert colors! Very fresh;)

  7. Melanie Says:

    The design and color palette is just perfect. I can’t wait to go download!

  8. Nathalie Says:

    I love the colours and designs, they are lovely!
    Dolce Dreams

  9. The Consummate Hostess Says:

    Completely charming design, good work!

  10. ning fathia Says:

    Indeed, you deserve to be mention, very darling colors and patterns.

  11. sarah Says:

    Love the boxes and colours you chose.
    They would make any guest smile!

  12. meaghan (chic cookies) Says:

    these are fabulous! I posted a link (to style me pretty, here and your shop) on my edible crafts column at craft gossip (ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com). thank you for sharing!

  13. Anna Says:

    these are gorgeous, congratulations on your mention

  14. Vanessa Says:

    Hi, Could you please tell me where you source your packaging dieline templates? Do you make them yourself or is there a site you get them from? Love the design! Thanks!

  15. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Vanessa, good question. I design the templates myself in Illustrator. If you google “box templates” you do get quite a good selection of free templates if you’re interested. Best of luck!


  16. Elena Says:

    Hi Kathleen, i love your boxes!
    Is there any way though, that i can get your plain box template without the prints? Yours seem to be the easiest one of them all. Thank you. More crafting powers to you!

  17. Anton Says:

    I like these designs too! They are very cheerful.

    How do you actually make the bozes? Do you cut them out by hand or do you print directly on flat cut outs, or do you send them to a printer? Thanks!

  18. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Anton,

    Directions are included in the PDF but essentially you print them onto a flat 8.5″x11 sheet of paper, cut and fold. You could also send them to a printer like Kinko’s. Hope that helps!

  19. recuerdos infantiles Says:

    I love it, i´ll try to do it whit potoshop and the internet template, and put it on my web, TNKS for the tip

  20. Sophie Says:


    I love the boxes and would love to use them for an upcoming party! Can you tell me what PMS color you used for the pink boxes? I’d like them to coordinate with my other printed pieces.