Vintage Bake Sale!

April 6th, 2011

Photos By Heather Bullard

Most bake sales I’ve been to entail a lot of plastic wrap and Tupperware but these photos by Heather Bullard are enough to wipe this memories away. Everything is just darling but I think the vintage props are what really take the cake. Make sure to check out the rest of her portfolio, it’s a real treat!

Heather Bullard via Pinterest

12 Responses to “Vintage Bake Sale!”

  1. denise Says:

    these look gorgeous! i feel like having a bake sale right now 🙂 YUM is right!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Wow, this is beautiful. What a great idea!

  3. Victoria L Says:

    I love this and want to do it for a baby shower for a friend who grew up baking for 4-H.

  4. Jenny @ Hank + Hunt Says:

    This is just amazing! I love the strawberry cake pops! Too cute! Think of how much more money you coul raise if you staged your kid’s bake sale pretty!

  5. Mariel Says:

    These are adorable! We always have bakesales on campus and trying do so something similar to this would definitely draw some attention!

  6. Mimi Says:

    Lovely event. Wish I was there!

  7. Jocelyn Stott Says:

    This is so adorable!!!

  8. Stef@hauteapplepie Says:

    The price tags, the clothes pins, the twine, I love this! Such a cute idea.

  9. Jordan - Polkadot Prints Says:

    So warm and home-made-y in the most stylish way possible! Love pinterest!

  10. sherri lynn Says:

    these pictures are beautiful!

  11. Leanna (More Like Martha) Says:

    I recognize those red flower decorations! I made them for my blog a few weeks ago. They look wonderful in these pictures (and so does everything else)!

  12. Meli (Blush + Jelly) Says:

    I remember those tacky bake sales my high school used to have. This is way better than anything I’ve seen! Adorable!