Naturally Sweet DIY Valentine

January 31st, 2011


*UPDATE: The Fruit Stickers are now available for purchase through my Etsy Shop

Happy Monday everyone! For some reason Valentine’s Day really has a hold on me this year. I’ve always felt that you don’t need a fancy card or expensive gift to let someone know you love them. For me, it’s the little gestures that I always remember the most. In that spirit I present to you Valentines Day Fruit stickers!

Just Download the PDF, (for a limited time only) print onto sticker paper, cut out with a 1″ craft punch, and apply to your special someone’s favorite fruit. They’re sure to smile when they see what’s snuck into their school or work bag! I made stickers for apples, pears, oranges, bananas, passion fruit, blue berries and a general one for everything else! Enjoy, xoxo


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188 Responses to “Naturally Sweet DIY Valentine”

  1. Heather Says:


    I’m adding them to my blog with a link to you!


  2. Rachelyn Gordon Says:

    These are fabulous!!! It’s such a great idea PLUS my boyfriend’s a complete health/fruit nut! Thank you!! 🙂

  3. Says:

    You are brillant! These are so adorable!

  4. Lorena Says:

    just came over here from Bargain Hoots blog, oh my these are over the top adorable! tahnk you sooooo much for the download!

  5. Sharon Says:

    So so cute! I am definitely using these. Already tweeted about them. I will add to the chorus of “I think I have to blog these.”
    Really adorable.
    Thanks so much!

  6. jenna Food w/ Kid Appeal Says:

    such a great idea! just shared it on Kid Appeal’s FB page. We’re always looking for natural wholesome ways to celebrate the holidays. we tried approaching PK and 1st grade teachers with a “real red food” valentines day party and didn’t get much traction. too much effort, but this, is simple genius. more on real red food party here:

  7. k(is)sing Says:

    Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. sue Says:

    OK, great idea, but what sticky paper are you referring to??

  9. christy Says:

    sticker paper in hand and child size hole puncher purchased my children are excited about this valentine. however, i can not (for the life of me) get the file to download. i have tried it on two computers. each computer says the compressed file is corrupt. is there any source that i can download this from? or, may i beg you to email it to me? or, does anyone have any ideas?? thanks so much!! i am banannas over this project. happy valentines day!

  10. christy Says:

    okay, i see that you addressed this. you are awesome! i will email you a request. thank you!

  11. christy Says:

    …if someone has this can you email it to me: Thanks!

  12. Michelle@Sweet Relish Says:

    My husband make smoothies everyday and we have bundles of fruit in our kitchen. Can’t wait to sneak on a couple of your adorable stickers on Monday :). Thanks for posting–so lovely.


  13. bck Says:

    This is such a cute idea!!!

  14. Laura Says:

    Love it. 🙂 I just shared your link in this Valentine’s post and now I need to make some for myself.

  15. Doris Says:

    Attention Washington…sharing sweet fresh produce valentines is REAL Health Care Reform!! Brilliant idea; thanks for sharing,Kathleen.

  16. Teodora Gales Says:

    Thanks so much! This is brilliant.Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  17. Michal @ Navy + Lavender Says:

    Um cutest ever!!!

  18. MWeekly Says:

    Oh that is so cute! I love these! What a great idea.

  19. Mademoiselle Fanny Says:

    This is such a charming idea, thank you for sharing it with us. A bit too late for Valentine, and we do not really celebrate it here in Paris, but I am a strong believer in spreading the love every day…

  20. Jutta @theluckyelephant Says:

    I wish I had seen this yesterday… SO cute!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  21. Valerie Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing :).

    I delivered a lovely bowl of fruit to his office this afternoon; Monday is his long day, teaching from 2:30- 9:00 without much of a break, so FOOD was a much better idea than just sweets this year. Our little town doesn’t have the sort of store that boasts passionfruit, but I did find a passionfruit drink to make good use of that sticker.

  22. Katie Says:

    I love this idea

  23. Shay Says:

    Hey! I just wanted to give you a heads up that I think someone’s trying to rip off your idea – she doesn’t even give you credit in her post.

  24. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Shay, Thanks for the heads up. She actually does include a link to my site in her post. I appreciate you getting in touch though, it’s nice to know that people are keeping an eye out for each other. Best, Kathleen

  25. Michelle Says:

    I saw this on a blog last week and forgot to bookmark it. I’m so glad I found it again randomly via twitter (yay). So pleased because I love this idea. So clever. I hope you don’t mind me posting on my blog.

  26. yeissen Says:

    I love those stickers, they are so cute but they are not available anymore. 🙁 Can you post them again or email them to me? Pretty Please???

  27. Helen Chen Says:

    Hi, just came across your blog today and love your valentine’s sticker idea!!! Unfortunately, the file is no longer available. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy???? Thanks SO MUCH!!!


  28. bbbfran Says:

    Merci beaucoup pour ces belles et originales étiquettes. Très bon dimanche.

  29. Melissa Says:

    Will these be available this year?

  30. Jeannette Says:

    Hoping that you relist these in your etsy shop. Please let me know if you do. I would love to use these this coming Valentine’s Day!

  31. Hannah Says:

    I love these they are adorable! Found the link to your cute ‘apple of my eye’ stickers. Brilliant way to stay healthy on Valentine’s day!!

  32. heather Says:

    Yes, I too was sad to see that this is no longer available, even for sale. If you repost or are emailing it out I would love a copy!

  33. Valérie Says:

    Thank you for sharing. It’s such a cute idea.