DIY Valentine’s Day Brownie Bags

January 19th, 2010

****UPDATE: Download the latest version of the bag here. Enjoy and happy early Valentine’s Day to all!***

Back by popular demand! These were a big hit last year and I’ve been getting tons of emails lately about them so I’ve made an updated version for 2010! Just download the file and print directly onto the paper bag. For more detailed instructions and other printing suggestions visit my previous post here. Once you’ve made the bags, fill with heart shaped brownies cut with a cookie cutter.

Last year one reader suggested that a glassine bag be placed inside to preserve the craft bag. I loved the suggestion and incorporated it into these photos. To make the scalloped edge, simply cut tops of bags off using a rotary cutter and scalloped pinking blade.

Additionally, I now also carry the brown craft bags in my Etsy shop. Sold in packs of 25 they’re great for all sorts of crafts, gifts and little treats! Not a fan of the craft bag? I also stock them in white. I’ve got a few more Valentine’s Day goodies coming this week so be sure to check back often!

Psst! You can find those adorable straws over at Garnish! They come in red, blue and green – oh the possibilities!!!

*UPDATE! I completely spaced on the fact that the rest of the world writes their dates differently so please forgive my polarizing design. I’ve created another file which you can download here with the date 14.02.10. Apologies and please enjoy! xoxo, Kathleen

56 Responses to “DIY Valentine’s Day Brownie Bags”

  1. Michelle Says:


  2. Sarah Says:

    Love them! Just went to your etsy site and bought some bags! I was wanting something like this for Valentine’s Day, so this was just perfect!

  3. Camille @ Style Notes Says:

    These are so brilliant! Modern & romantic, and no doubt they’d be a sweet surprise for any Valentine! Beautifully designed.

  4. SweetBeaker Says:

    as always – truly simply lovely!

  5. erin / atlantic treefox Says:

    whoa! amazing. i’ll be doing this for sure. but where did you get such nice straws?1

  6. Kathleen Says:

    Aren’t those straws cute?! You can get them online at Garnish actually! At just 5 cents a pice they’re a total steal too!

  7. Erin at Vale Design Says:

    Loved these last year and love them again! xo

  8. karen Says:

    This is one of my absolute favorite projects! So simple, cute and thoughful. Thanks for updating it!

  9. JoAnn Says:

    What a cute idea! Thank you! I have the straws, going to order the bags, but where do I find cute milk!

  10. Kathleen Says:

    So glad you guys are enjoying the bags!

    JoAnn, I actually got the milk from my local grocery store. Kind of random, I know, but I scooped it up when I saw it. I knew it would come in handy eventually! 😉 Sorry I can’t be of more help sourcing it but I might try a co-op or Whole Foods market for something similar. Best of luck! Kathleen

  11. Michele Says:

    I bought the cookie cutter last year and everything, but can’t remember where I saw the post, it was slighlty different. Glad you posted your version of it. I LOVE IT, and perhaps this year I will actually make them. Brilliant! Now if I can only remember where I put the cookie cutter…

  12. Marilyn K. Says:

    Thanks for carrying the glassine bags. They are hard to find, so you made it easy for us!

  13. elisabetha Says:

    how lovely! the scalloped edges makes it just perfect.

  14. minna im Says:

    oh no! i just went on your etsy site to buy some of the brown baggies but they’re all sold out. will you be selling some more any time soon??

  15. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Minna, I just checked my Etsy shop and it looks like I still have plenty of bags in stock. Here’s the link again just in case. Best, Kathleen

  16. Rebecca Says:

    so pretty!!! Love them.

  17. hsmema Says:

    Great idea especially the scalloping. (just have to change the date around for us Aussies). Thank you.

  18. my spatula Says:

    OMG – cutest bags EVER! thank you!!!

  19. Michelle Says:

    AWESOME- I totally made the smores goodie boxes for the holidays, must jump on this V-day one! THANKS!

  20. Jessica Says:

    These are so cute! I have to do these for Valentine’s Day for my coworkers.

  21. Brooke - in Oregon Says:

    Fabulous thank you!!

  22. Rachel@BenignObjects Says:

    It’s always so much fun to see what sort of visual treats you come up with; they’re a delight!

  23. Whitney Fink Says:

    This is darling. Can you add more brown paper bags to your shop?

  24. Kathleen Says:

    Sorry gang! There has been some confusion regarding the brown bags in the Esty shop but there are plenty available and I have updated the Etsy shop. Holler with any questions. Kathleen

  25. JoAnn Says:

    Thanks Kathleen. Milk is hard to order onliine! 🙂 I’ll check Whole Foods. We are thinking of doing this for the teachers at my sons’ school for a “We Love Our Teachers!” treat. Maybe the bottled Starbucks would look cute with them… I love the white milk though! Thanks again for the idea and for your site!

  26. Alexis Says:

    I have never thought of putting a paper bag in the printer…obviously I am a little behind but I think you are a GENIUS!

  27. Stephanie Says:

    These are fabulous…I remember when you shared them last year. I’m so glad you reminded us!

    p.s. how in the world did I miss you at Alt? 🙁

  28. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Stephanie! Aww, you’re so kind! I got to see you speak but I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself. 🙁 Maybe next year! Great job by-the-way, the 3 of you did a fantastic job! xoxo

  29. Charity Says:

    Fabulous, thank you!

  30. Ashley Says:

    I absolutely adore these bags. They are so cute!

  31. Suzonne Stirling Says:

    I love these! Thanks for sharing them again.

  32. aimee Says:

    Love this, such a great idea.

  33. DNese Says:

    This idea is simply precious. I just love it bunches. I was wondering where you found the old glass milk bottle. They just don’t carry the glass bottles here in the local stores anymore so ANYTHING you can offer for ideas in scoring some would be wonderful.

    Thanks a bunch!

  34. KIRK Says:

    Wow, Valentine is really just around the bend! Thanks for the reminder and have Happy Holiday! Awesome Post BTW!

  35. Haydee Says:

    Oh my goodness! I just downloaded this and will send my daughter to pre-school with Valentine’s treats in these. So cute! I love your blog:)

  36. Norman Says:

    I love these! It makes me happy just looking at them. 🙂

  37. Katie Says:

    So fun! Thank you for sharing! I love it! 🙂

  38. Crystal & Co Says:

    I am so impressed with your site- I am not even sure how I landed here.

    I am a blogging mom to 5 boys. Always looking for unique ideas!

    This is amazing!

    I’ve added you to my blog roll and shared your link and idea with my reads!

    Check it out:

  39. Dawn Says:

    These are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  40. Lauren O. Says:

    Adorable! What size heart cookie cutter did you use?

  41. Nadine Says:

    These are just so gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing these! Happy Valentines day 🙂

  42. NoaGirl3 Says:

    These are so beautiful and I bought the bags right away I was so excited. Unfortunately, my printer doesn’t like the bags. I’ve wasted four already and am afraid I will start crying if I try it again! It keeps jamming because of the thickness of the bottom of the bag. I reversed the image and turned the bag upside down. It starts out beautifully but slips at the end and ends up crooked. Blërg! I printed smaller versions as gift tags. Oh well. Sigh.

  43. Casi Lark Says:

    I’m going to make some with the 2009 date on it, that is the day we were engaged so it seems fitting for our wedding favors! My fiance is a brownie fanatic too! Thanks for posting this! <3

  44. Pam Rowe Says:

    I love love love this- is it possible to update it to 2011?

  45. Jan Says:


    Will you be updating this for 2011? They are adorable!

  46. Kathleen Says:

    Hi everyone! I will be updating these for 2011 and they should be up shortly. Thanks and stay tuned!


  47. Melissa Says:

    Hi! Just wondering where you found the mini-milk container?? Very cute printable! I can’t wait to use them.

  48. Melissa Says:

    Just read the earlier post… TY

  49. Sherri Says:

    Brownie Bags are darling! But they are for 2010. Is there any way to get 2011?

  50. Kathleen Says:

    Stay tuned Sherri, they’ll be updated very soon! Thanks, Kathleen

  51. christi @ grey umbrella Says:

    i’d love to use these for valentine’s day treats. is there a dateless or 2011 one available?

  52. Holly Says:

    Another amazing option! Thanks for sharing! Featured this on Thursday! Have a great weekend!

    Blessings to you,

  53. allison wagner Says:

    do you have the pdf for 2011 up to download? Thanks!

  54. Heidi Says:

    I purchased the bags from you in hopes to print them out and use them today. Do you have an updated template for 2011 or a dateless one?? I would really appreciate it! Thank you! If you can email me and let me know either way, that would be great.

  55. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Heidi! Yes, updated that on the 19th of January and you can see the full post here:’s-day-brownie-bags/?utm_source=popular&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=popular


  56. megan Says:

    will you be updating these for 2012?