Sebastian’s 1st Birthday Party, Part 2

August 5th, 2009

1st Birthday





As promised, I’ve got the rest of the pictures form Sebastian’s AMAZING 1st birthday party! On top of all the decorationsKatie did all the food, and the most adorable cupcakes, complete with buoys and sharks! These pictures don’t do the party justice, it really was so impressive, not to mention that she did this while 8 months pregnant with her second!!! Thanks to Katie and Nico for sharing their party with all of us and  Happy Birthday to Sebastian! xoxo

9 Responses to “Sebastian’s 1st Birthday Party, Part 2”

  1. paula Says:

    how sweet… looks fabulous.

  2. Carrie Says:

    amazing party! did you purchase or make the red w/ yellow trim stand that the cones are standing on? i LOVE it! it’s love to know where you purchase it or how you made it. thanks!

  3. Molly Says:

    I agree – would love to know about the cone stand. I think I could figure out how to make the cones, but wouldn’t mind having a quick how-to. They are adorable.

  4. Kathleen Says:

    Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments. I’m working with Katie to get some step-by-step instructions for the cones and stand. So stay tuned!

  5. Kim - The TomKat Studio Says:

    Yes…that cone stand is so adorable! What a fabulous party!

  6. RobbieLee Says:

    This is the cutest little party ever! My nephew just turned 1 and I wish i would have thought of something like this! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the tutorial on the cones and stand! Thanks!

  7. jamieofalltrades Says:

    I am obsessed with those party cones. I love the paper inside, really adds some color!

  8. alexis Says:

    What a wonderful party! I love all the attention to detail.

  9. Debra M. Says:

    I’m impressed someone actually made those shark cupcakes from Hello, Cupcake! Well done!