Sweetheart Animal Patch

February 9th, 2009

Have you ever thought to yourself; “OMG, I wish I’d thought of that!”? Well that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this lovely card! I was so smitten after one look that I had to share! This perfect little greeting by Chickabird contains a Sweetheart Animal Patch Kit that includes one iron-on animal, directions for ironing and sewing, a needle, and red embroidery floss. Seems utterly perfect for Valentine’s but this would be a lovely gift card year round.

Pictures from Chickabird

This is one of many amazing products made by the oh-so-talented ladies at Chickabird. I first fell in love with their RandL canvas totes at the Urban Craft Uprising in December and have become huge fans of their blog as well. Be sure to check out what these two have going on, it’s sure to please!

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