Stitch Design Co. Stationery

August 4th, 2010

I am so impressed with this stationery suite for Stitch Design Co. While I could have easily categorized this post in the Well Branded series, I felt that it needed it’s own category of AWESOME for it’s sheer beauty and brilliance!

From the clean and simple typography to the beautiful and ornate stamps on the envelope liner, every aspect was meticulously thought out and executed. The added touch of coral color to the edges of the business cards and note cards add yet another level of sophistication to the set. The letterpress printing was done by their sister company, Sideshow Press and you can see more images of the suite on the Stitch Design Blog.

11 Responses to “Stitch Design Co. Stationery”

  1. A. Says:

    It’s really lovely! Thanks for sharing! Also, just a bit: stationery is spelled with an ‘e’; “stationary” means to stand still.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Oh, thanks Abby, good catch! I’ve just updated my typos, thank you!!!!

  3. Camille @ STYLE NOTES Says:

    I’m swooning. These are gorgeous…the perfect amount of color + restraint. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Marsha Harris (Splenderosa) Says:

    I do hope we see a resurgence of people who actually use notecards, etc. There is nothing to equal opening an envelope and finding a lovely note. xx’s

  5. Kate Z Says:

    Truly lovely; I’m very fond of the peach and robbin’s-egg-blue color combination.

    And A./Kathleen, the stationary/stationery note made me check our own site – I had made the same mistake a while back, ooops! A good catch 🙂

  6. Says:

    This is simply beautiful! Thx for sharing!!

  7. Kate/MagnoliaRouge Says:

    Absolutely love this!!!

  8. marisa Says:

    wow. stunning.

    on an unrelated note, how have i just now discovered your blog? i must have been living under a rock. love it – you’ve got amazing taste!

  9. Rebecca Says:

    this is really, really fabulous!

  10. Erin @ Slipcover Your Life Says:

    slightly obsessed. just booked marked their blog!

  11. Beautiful Living Says:

    gorgeous.. and i for one love your Well Branded series