DIY Easter Basket

April 8th, 2009


Here is the last of my Easter DIY Projects, and what better place to put your homemade Bunny and Peeps than a home made Easter Basket! All you need is a printer, double sided tape and paper.


STEP 1: Print all four pages of template onto 8.5×11” paper and follow the enclosed instructions.


STEP 2: Adhere your template to a large sheet of art paper (at least 12.5”x12.5”) with low tack tape. If you need to, cut down the template so that if fis onto your paper. A thick watercolor paper or any color of craft paper would be a good choice. Using the template as a guide, score along dotted lines with a bone folder and a ruler. With an x-acto knife and a ruler, cut along solid BLUE lines. You now have the basket shape ready to fold!

STEP 3: Fold along each of the scored lines to create basket shape. Corner pieces fold inward while the top flaps fold down on the outside.

STEP 4: Cut four pieces of ribbon to 10”. Tuck ribbon under first flap and secure with a piece of double-sided tape adhered to the inside of the flap. Repeat process for all sides and tie ribbon into knots at each of the corners. Once all four sides are tied and taped shut you’ve got your homemade basket ready to fill with sweet treats!



20 Responses to “DIY Easter Basket”

  1. AmberLee Says:

    So pretty and springy (and looks easy!). and it has some great centerpiece potential. Hmmm. I wonder if I can make a longer version for growing some wheatgrass in. Thanks for another beautiful tutorial!

  2. robin Says:

    oh i want to try this! i really didn’t want to waste money to buy some silly little basket from china. a home made basket sounds lovely! thank you for sharing :O)

  3. Skylar Says:

    These Easter posts have been amazing, thanks for all the great ideas!

  4. Vanessa Says:

    You’re always full of great ideas and this is no exception!

  5. Heather Says:

    That’s a really cute idea! I may have to try this out. I love the paper you chose.

  6. Rachel Says:

    These are fabulous, thanks so much for sharing! I’ll be linking to this.

  7. paula Says:

    fabulous! Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter.

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  12. Elisa Says:

    Dear, thank you SO MUCH for sharing this, tomorrow is valentine’s day here in Brazil and I’m so using this to give my love some homemade italian candies (he loves italia).

    Gonna post some photos here later, don’t wanna ruin his surprise! ^_^

    kisses! =**

  13. Elisa Says:

    Here is the photo! Again, thank you! =**

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  17. Stephi Says:

    Oh.. it´s so nice…

    I want to take this link to my blog. Is it possible to take it away?
    I like it very much.


  18. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Stephi, Thanks for the sweet note! Feel free to blog about this but I ask that you link back to the post and not the PDF 🙂 Thanks so much and happy early Easter!

  19. Stephi Says:

    Thank you very much, Kathleen!

  20. Stephi Says:

    Today it´s online, kathleen!

    happy Easter ;o)