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A DIY Valentine Heart Wreath for Fossil

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

I’m so excited to finally share this project with all of you! I put this together for Fossil back in November and it finally made it’s debut yesterday in their “lookbook”section. I, along with five other bloggers, were asked to contribute a craft to be featured in a new DIY section of their site dedicated to Valentine goodies.

I ended up creating a twist on the traditional box of chocolates with this decorative heart. It’s made up of the candy cups typically found inside! In just a few hours and with several simple items, this is an easy project anyone can do. Make it even sweeter and pair it with a few sugary treats!

I’ve included all the details and instructions below. Also, be sure to check out the new Fossil DIY lookbook and enjoy the other crafts from Yellow Owl Workshop, Sterling Style, Creature Comforts, This Fellow,  and News + Blues.

Foam Heart (I used a 12″ form and 1″ thick) Found at craft stores
Straight Pins
Standard Cupcake Liners (Approximately 175)
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

1. Begin by folding cupcake wrappers in half, one at a time. To do so, simply pinch in the center with thumb and forefinger. Then fold again to resemble a floral shape and poke with pin towards small end.
2. Add a bit of hot glue to the back side of pin and insert into foam shape holding down briefly to secure. Continue process and work around entire heart, working your way inwards. The thimble is great to use if your finger starts to get sore but not necessary.
3. Once entire form is full, add a decorative ribbon to back side by securing to foam form with pins. May require 3-4 pins on either side to bear the weight.

4. Hang and enjoy!

DIY Felt Flower Wreath

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Back in November I shared the beautiful pink and gold surprise party that my lovely friend Katie threw for me. Out of all the amazing details, the wreaths on her front doors received a ton of interest.

Katie graciously agreed to share her secrets and we recently got together to make a tutorial to share with all of you. By “we” I mean Katie did all the work and I took the photos. Below you’ll find the list of materials you’ll need along with complete instructions and step-by-step photographs to make your own.

As a special treat, we made an extra one and we’ve decided to give it away to a lucky reader! Stay tuned and check back later today for the details on how you could win it!


12″ Craft Ring
3 colors of felt (1 Yard Total)
Upholstery Thread
Decorative Floral Elements (Found at craft stores)
Floral Wire


1. Begin with a 12″ wreath ring with holes for threading flowers through. You’ll need one hole per flower so you may need to add holes with a drill. This tutorial makes 12 flowers so you’ll need 12 holes.

2. Once your wreath form is prepared, completely wrap in ribbon overlapping only about 1/4″. At the end, use the remaining ribbon to create a loop to hang the wreath from. Tie a knot at the base of the loop securing the wrapped form.

3. Cut felt into 4″ circles. (The circles don’t need to be neat, just somewhat circular. Once folded, you won’t notice any imperfections.) For a 12″ wreath, you will need 36 circles. Once the circles are cut, fold each one in half and then half again making a pie shape. Using scissors, snip half way in along all straight edges and twice along the round edge. These will make the petals of the flowers.

4. Once all the flowers have been cut, it’s time to start assembling your wreath! Create flowers by stacking one of each of the colors on top of each other. In this case we did grey on the bottom, white in the center and purple on top.

Gather the three pieces and fold in half and then half again. With a piece of upholstery thread, about 15″ long, secure together by sewing through all layers with a long needle several times and pulling tightly. Using the rest of the thread, locate a hole in the wreath form and thread through. Pass through hole several times securing the flower to the form and tie off. Continue step four with remaining flowers.

5. After all the flowers have been sewn onto the wreath form you can start adding the decorative details. Arrange them in between flowers  and secure with floral wire. Finish off by fluffing flowers and hanging!

*As a finishing touch, cut a doughnut shaped piece of felt the same size as the wreath form and cover all the loose thread and wire on the back. Using a hot glue gun, secure felt into place.

T&T for Better Homes & Gardens Part II

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Today marks the second leg of the Better Homes & Gardens Home for the Holidays Contest! I have been so excited to share this project with all of you, as I had so much fun putting it together.

The task was to create a fall home decor item using real or fake leaves. I ended up making a wreath by spray painting fabric leaves from a craft store in gradated purple tones then pinning them to a foam wreath form with craft pins. The wreath ended up being quite versatile and I found it worked well as a traditional door decoration, above a fireplace and even a dramatic centerpiece. I’ll be back tomorrow with the complete list of supplies and how to instructions so stay tuned!

In the mean time, I would love your votes! You can vote once a day from now until Sunday, October 17th. I didn’t fair well in the last round so I’m stepping up my game this time with a link at the top of each page for voting convenience. Thank you all so much for voting for me so far, it means the world to me!

Wreath Round-up

Friday, December 4th, 2009


Yesterday’s pom pom wreath isn’t the only game in town, it seems like everywhere I look there is a wreath I want to make! I’m continually delighted with how inventive people can be. Here are a few of my favorites. Each of these play off the same theme yet end up being wonderfully different! I wish had time to make them all!

1.Book Page Wreath by Living with Lindsay via: Paper Crave 2.Felt Rosette Wreath by Kristen of Domestifluff  3.Cardboard Leaf Wreath by Cardboard safari  4.Photo Wreath by Country Living via: Apartment Therapy

DIY Pom Pom Wreath

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009




I’m head-over-heals for this charming Pom Pom Wreath. Though my hubby may not appreciate it, I can’t help but want one for each door in our house. Let me count… that’s seven! Ok, probably too many but one is definitely in order.

This delightful project comes from miss j. of bleubird; a fantastic and new-to-me design and craft blog. Be sure to check out her full tutorial here and have fun pomming it up! Cheers!


**Today is the last day to enter to win the Hello!Lucky holiday card giveaway so get your submissions in before 12pm PST!