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Surprise 60th Birthday Party! Part 2

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009




Here is another detail from Marilyn’s party that I wanted to share. Marilyn is an extraordinarily generous person and as a way of showing our appreciation we created this book as a keepsake and gift for the birthday girl! Each member of her immediate family shared a fond memory of her. I collected each of the stories and layed them out into this book with coordinating photos from her past. Additionally each of the guest sent in a short memory or birthday wish along with the RSVP card and each of these were placed in envelopes at the back of the book.

As a special bonus I’ve included a PDF for the pin flags I shared with you yesterday. Just print onto your favorite paper, cut them out, then glue or tape them onto pins and enjoy! Could also be used on skewers, straws, stir sticks, bags… the possibilities are endless and can add the perfect finish to your party decorations!



In case you missed the link yesterday, you can find directions for the pin cushions here. Cheers!

Easy Pin Cushions

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

I have been trying to think of a creative stocking stuffer that I could make this year and give to all my sisters. We all like to sew in one form or another so I thought I could try making pin cushions. What once was a simple gift idea quickly became an obsession. I started out with one pattern that didn’t give me the clean crisp look I was going for so my search continued. After several failed attempts I stumbled on this perfectly easy tutorial on WipUp. Below are pictures of my process and finished pin cushions.

Pin Cushion 1
These really don’t require much fabric so I suggest using fabric quarters; you can make quite a few out of just one swatch. I liked mine on the smaller side so I cut my circles to 3 inches.

Pin Cushion 2

Pin Cushion 3

Pin Cushion 4

Ready for stockings!!!