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Well Branded: Girl Scouts

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Images via: Original Champions of Design

In honor of the delicious Girl Scout Cookies that are undoubtedly making their way into our homes as we speak, I thought I’d share the most recent re-branding from Original Champions of Design (OCD). Since being founded in 1912, the Girl Scouts logo has maintained an iconic three leafed Trefoil but it wasn’t until the late 70’s that Saul Bass redrew it to include the positive-negative faces we’re all so familiar with.

The modernized version of the logo, by OCD, carefully simplifies and modernizes the girl silhouettes. The hair and faces were updated without loosing the charm of the original mark. Even the color green got a face lift and the type was set in all lowercase for more approachability.

My favorite expression of the brand are the patterns and textures that were created using elements from the mark. It’s a brilliant way to bring the brand to life while adding a sense of depth and whimsy to the collateral. Now, if only the packaging could get some TLC, it’d be a fantastic! Check out OCD for more images and an in depth look at their process behind the GSUSA re-branding.

Well Branded: Pandora Bell

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

You know when you see something so sweet you wish you could literally climb through your screen to get a taste? No, I’m not talking about Tim Riggins but you get the idea (wink!) Well this identity and beautiful packaging for Pandora Bell leaves me light headed!

Pandora Bell is a premium confectionary brand located in Ireland. Studio Output was tasked with creating a sophisticated identity for the small brand which was inspired by vintage packaging. Modern finishes were used in order to contemporize the system. I particularly adore the creative use of patterns and the versatility of the logo. Tasty in every possible way!

Via: The Dieline

Hungry Elephant

Thursday, May 14th, 2009


I’m smitten with this logo and identity package for Hungry Elephant by Arlo. It’s both playful and sophisticated and I’m always a sucker for magenta and gray, I love that they whet the extra mile and printed the envelopes on the inside as well. From their website it doesn’t appear that Hungry Elephant is using these any more, which is a shame, it’s sad to see such great design retired.

Louise Fili: Bedford Post

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009


I’ve been a huge fan of designer / illustrator Louise Fili for years and I heard that she’d updated her site recently so I popped over for a visit. Louise constantly amazes me with her level of artistry. I adore her woodcut style of illustration and she seems to have such a profound understanding and skill for packaging. Her branding for the Bedford Post, a Restaurant and Inn in Bedford, New York, is no exception. In this particular logo the illustration was done by Mark Summers and the rest of the program has the exquisite design sensibility that Louise is so well known for. Have a peek for your self.


The new site has a lovely set of updated images as well as a blog! Be sure to check them both out for some great design inspiration.