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Design is the Key and Interview

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I completely adore these hand-crafted mixed media cards by Kanella seen on Graphic Exchange. Inspired by the story of Ariadne, a princess of divine beauty, the embossed cards are woven with a yellow thread to reveal a secret message. DESIGN is the KEY to the PATH towards the SUN. Both beautifully simplistic and graphically bold, this series truly embodies the power of great design.

Speaking of great design and hand-crafted work, Danni at Oh, Hello Friend is hosting Letterpress Week and has a pretty impressive line up of features, giveaways and interviews including one with yours truly. Definitely stop by when you get a chance and get ready for a ton of inspiration!

Oh, Hello Friend!

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009






I recently stumbled upon the blog Oh, Hello Friend and have fallen head over heals for all the loveliness that can be found there. In particular, I simply adore these packaging shots that Danni, the brilliant author, has collected of her Etsy shop packaging. It makes getting that package all the more sweet!

Find more of Danni’s work  in her Etsy shop, FlickrFacebook and Twitter.