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Well Branded: Ladurée

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

I am officially in love with the Ladurée brand! From the pale pastel packaging with the gold foil printing to the coordinating delivery trucks, every detail is exquisite! Ladurée is a luxury patisserie originally from Paris, France. Serving all kinds of sweets, Ladurée is most well known for their colorful macarons. Now if only I could manage a trip to one of those shops myself, I might faint from all the beauty and sugar! Swoon!

Images // 1 Facade via Wikipedia / 2 Interior via Ladurée / 3 Packaging via Black Eiffel / 4-7 Interior and branding via Ladurée / 8 Packaging via Pinkbow / 9 Macarons via Black Eiffel / 10 Interior branding via Ladurée / 11 Truck via The Merry Maid / 12 Interior branding via Ladurée

Well Branded: Gelateria

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Some beautiful work by London-based designer, Joe Stephenson. The system was designed to promote and highlight the abundant “flavors” of the Fedrigoni specialty paper showroom. With Gelato as the teaser, guests could enjoy a cool treat while collecting paper samples and getting familiar with the showroom.

I love the simplicity of the work and the playful connection between the gelato flavors and the delicious paper colors. Yumm indeed!

Circus Birthday Party: Part I

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Hello Twig & Thistle readers! I am SO excited to be guest blogging this week! It is truly an honor to be here. Thank you to Kathleen for this opportunity to share (what I hope will be!) some interesting and inspirational projects. I will try hard not to disappoint!

The first project I wanted to share is Part I of a birthday party I recently designed. My niece turned the 1 this past July 4th, and I was lucky enough to design everything for the big day! She LOVES animals, so I thought it would be fun to create a circus theme for the party.

I printed the invites myself, saving a little bit of money by printing part of the invite (the blue) on my home inkjet printer and then letterpressing over the top (the purple). It was bit tricky lining everything up, but it all came together perfectly! I paired the invite with a simple purple envelope which I lined with coordinating striped paper.

Along with the invites I created decorations, party favors and even party hats! Be sure to check back tomorrow; I’ll be sharing more photos and even one of the birthday girl! 🙂

Well Branded: Short & Sweet

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Speaking of sweet, how delightful is this bussiness card and web design for the Short & Sweet Co.?! Short & Sweet is a specialty pastry company in Toronto, with a focus on “small (short) 2-3 bite pastries (sweet)”. Sporting the complete menu on the inside of the folded business card; I’d say it’s a pretty charming and useful piece.

Designed and photographed by Trish Papadakos. Via ffffound

No Computer

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Well I hope you all had a beautiful and relaxing weekend! We finally had two sunny days here in Seattle and it actually felt like Spring! I tried to soak up every drop of sun that for safe keeping when the clouds return. Sadly, that’s been the trend aroud here lately, but I’m feeling optimistic for the coming weeks.

So speaking of rain, I think I found a fun project to do when it returns. These amazing fabric posters were created by Gergana Plummer, a designer based out of London. Gergana used old type specimen books and an x-acto knife to cut out the letterforms then traced them onto the canvas with a pencil. Once traced, each letter was embroidered by hand with a needle and thread. Beautifully simple and analog in the execution, makes one appreciate the craft of design and beauty of type. Well done Gergana!