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Get The Look: Rustic Dining Room

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011


1. Vintage Candelabra $34 (each) / 2. Beige Pendant $57 / 3. Retro-Classic Chairs $192 (for 2) / 4. Enchanted Canvas Wall Art $199 /5. Oak Dining Table $299 / 6. Antique Pitcher $35 / 7. Dinner Plates $25 (for set of 4)  / 8. Salad Plates $20 (for set of 4) / 9. Low Bowl $14.95 / 10. Pokal Drinking Glass $0.59 / Linen Placemat for Two $14.95 / Linen Napkin $4.95 (each) TOTAL = $1724.77

For some reason I have the decorating bug lately and I’m currently trying to revamp our home office. I’m really not so good at the decorating thing but I’d like to be! I had fun with the first Get The Look featuring a stunning living room by designer Sarah Richardson. I found it incredibly fun to source items that would have a similar feel but at a fraction of the cost.

In this Get The Look, I was able to find some great pieces (at great prices) that really resemble this casual dining room originally spotted in Casa Magazine via Steph Modo. The item I’m least satisfied with are the candelabras but I’m sure a little hunting at a local thrift shop might be the right place to shop for those. Total cost: $1724.77 Not too bad for a table for eight including table, chairs and art work!

Get The Look!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011


1. Vaughn Apartment Sofa $1399 / 2. Square Pillow Cover $75 / 3. Boudoir Pillow Cover $79 / 4. Parsons End Table $199 /5. Karsen Club Chair $399 / 6. Lumi Candleholders $1.95-3.95 / 7. Bead Vase $34  / 8. Klubbo Coffee Table $79 / 9. Porter Frameless Mirror $169.99 / 10. French Stripe Stool $149  TOTAL = $2587

I spotted this pretty living room on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to try to create a similar look on a budget. Originally created by designer Sarah Richardson for her own home, it’s a stunning space with such a calm and serene feel. I wanted to capture the subtle differences in tone but bring out the pops of pink, white and light blue. I think the stripped footstools really tie the space together but sadly I wasn’t able to find any. The French Stripe Stools from Pottery Barn come close but I think the Raspberry Chevron pillows help. What do you think?!

Serene Green

Monday, April 4th, 2011

With Spring around the corner, I have dreams about redecorating my entire house. Maybe a serene space with hues of  green throughout like these images from photographer Polly Wreford. There is such a sense of vibrancy and cleanliness all while being relaxed and calming.

How about you, any plans to update or renovate for spring? We’re saving up for a new kitchen so no big plans to remodel soon, but some day…

Maggie Rose Shop

Monday, July 12th, 2010

I’m so excited about this new shop full of decorative vintage pieces and craft supplies. The adorable Maggie of Maggie Rose just announced her grand opening last week and she’s already found so many charming goodies to entice us. With her keen decorator’s eye, I’m sure she’ll continually have a shop full of fantastic items. Check out her shop here and get updates as well as loads of decorating inspiration on her blog.

Wedding Décor from Pottery Barn

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well and had a pleasant last few days. I took an extended holiday vacation but am excited to be back into the swing of things again.

A few weeks ago, I took a free wedding decor class from my local Pottery Barn. A friend of mine was curious to check it out and I was equally as excited to see what they had to offer so I tagged along. The store had set up several beautiful tabletops as inspiration and a mini candy bar display. The class was brief but it was a great way to see how the simplest accessories could be used to make a stunning arrangement.

Marianne Graham of the Artful Posy, a local Seattle florist and event planner, was there as a guest speaker. She put the centerpieces together and shared some inspiring tips for how to begin the design process for a wedding. She strongly sugessted that if there is a particular flower that you’d like to incorporate into your event, that you try to schedule around the time when it’s in bloom. Though not impossible to get most flowers year round, a little foresight will save you tons of money in the long run. Another tip; ask your florist to recommend a similar flower to achieve the same look if the timing isn’t quite right.

The three tables were really stunning and my personal favorite was the rustic purple garden theme. Her mixed use of succulents, sweet pea flowers, mint and lavender was perfect! I loved the mini watering cans that could double as seating cards and the burlap table runner. The burlap table runner could be an easy DIY project like this one seen on Style Me Pretty. Above are a few pictures I was able to capture at the event but feel free to check out Marianne’s site or blog and check your local Pottery Barn for upcoming classes.