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2010 Desk Calendars

Monday, October 12th, 2009

I spotted this amazingĀ round-up of 2010 letterpress calendars onĀ Oh So Beautiful Paper last week and it made me realize that it’s time for me to finally narrow down my choices and commit. Since I happen to be incredibly indecisive AND I love all things letterpress this is an extremly diffucult decision for me. To ease the pain I’m thinking I’ll splurge for three; one for my desk at work, one for the fridge and another for my office at home.



This light and beatiful calendar by Delphine Press will brighten my days and keep me inspired at the office.


Elum’s beautiful Four Season’s Calendar will help liven up the kitchen and keep things simple with only four cards.


And finally, this whimsical Critter Calendar by Night Owl Paper Goods will keep me entertained with all the clever animal illustrations.

Snow & Graham 2010 Calendar

Monday, June 29th, 2009




This is a bit early to be talking next year but I read on Twitter that now has the 2010 Snow & Graham calendars available for pre-order! I am a HUGE fan and have kept each set I’ve bought because I’m incapable of recycling these mini works of art. I hope to be able to display them in some creative fashion someday. Ok, off to go make a pre-order!

Ribbon Calendar

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Check out this amazing ribbon calendar from D-Bros, designed by Yoshie Watanabe. Sadly it’s no longer in print but we can still admire this lovely piece of art and design.





Discovered via: Mimi + Nina