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Happy Friday!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Kitten by Analog Girl in a Digital World via ffffound

Whew, what a week! Work has been a whirlwind of big clents and lot’s of meetings and I’ve been a super busy blogger too! I’ve enjoyed guest posting on Black Eiffel as well and in case you missed any of the posts you can check them out here: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I’ve also been trying to recruit more friends and family to help vote for my Better Homes & Garden’s mask in hopes that I could pull out of last place but to no avail. There’s still plenty of time so I’m not giving up hope just yet! Get your votes in here and vote daily if you remember – many thanks!

Yesterday’s giveaway announcement was a huge success, shutting the site down momentarily with such a high volume of traffic. Always a good problem to have but apologies if you weren’t able to get through. And in more exciting news, I forgot to mention that from now until September 30th, Twig & Thistle readers receive a discount when purchasing a Silhouette Craft Cutter. Use the promo code: TWIG at checkout.

Buy a machine and receive the following:
• $50 off the Silhouette Craft Cutter
• Fuzzy White Vinyl (Valued at $7.99)
• Light Blue Smooth Heat Transfer (Valued at 14.99)
• Yellow Flocked Heat Transfer (Valued at $14.99)
• Home Décor CD (Valued at $50)
• $10 Gift Card to the Silhouette Download Store (Comes in the box)
• Cutting Blade (Comes in the box)
• 2 Cutting Mats (Comes in the box)

All for $249.99 (A Savings of $137.97)

Have a great weekend everyone and see you back here Monday!

Etsy Crush: Planet Fur

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Not only is the shop name completely adorable but the merchandise melts my heart! These minature animal heads are so sweet and would be an adorable addition to any room. Marlous, the creative genius behind these busts, lives in the Netherlands and creates each of her furry friends by hand.

Though tough to pick a single favorite, I think Hermione the Rhino takes the cake. Evidently Hermione like to throw parties , which explains her little party hat! Check out the Planet Fur shop here.

*Also, Rachel of Black Eiffel asked me to guest blog for her while she’s taking care of her new baby girl India Grace. I’ll be there all this week, so make sure to stop by for a double-scoop of Twig & Thistle!

Rebel Green

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009


Wouldn’t you know it, the day before I was planing on writing about Rebel Green the always wonderful Black Eiffel does an entire post! I’m still going to write about it because it’s just too good to pass up. With such great design and messaging there’s a lot to love! Here are a few of may favorites, I really love the illustration on their aesthetics and ethics page, and that produce bag is fantastic!