October 24th, 2011

Last Monday I went to a Halloween Craft event hosted by Lyndsey of The Stationary Place and Marie LeBaron of Make and Takes at Trophy Cupcakes. It was such a great, relaxed event full of fun crafty goodness! Marie and Lyndsey taught us how to make Felt Rosette Wreaths, Hand-embroidered Spider Cards, Glittered Spider Rings and my personal favorite – Pipe Cleaner Spiders.

It was the perfect occasion for any type of crafter. The ladies were so prepared and had everything all set out for us and ready to use. Sadly, I forgot my camera and wasn’t able to snap any pics at the event but I did manage to finish my Rossette Wreath and Spider Rings and take some shots over the weekend.

The wreath is an easy craft that anyone that can handle scissors and pins can manage. Check out Kristen’s tutorial on Domestifluff for step-by-step instructions and pictures.

The Glittered Spider Rings are another brilliant idea and insanely easy to do! Purchase plastic spider rings from a craft store and simply paint the top surface with crafters glue. Once covered, sprinkle with glitter making sure to cover well and let dry. Wear as a festive ring or add them to a wreath like I did by cutting the band in the middle and attaching them to a rosestte!

Be sure to check out The Stationary Place and Make and Takes for tutorials on the rest of the crafts. And don’t forget to make these adorable Pipe Cleaner Spiders, kids would LOVE them!

18 Responses to “WitchCrafts!”

  1. Jonni Says:

    This looks wonderful and thank you for sharing the links. 🙂

  2. Christine @ Why We Love Green Says:

    What a great Halloween wreath! I love the black. Did you use larger circles of felt than the one on Domestifluff? Or are your perhaps less tightly packed together? I think it’s great that you used recycled felt! That’s right up my alley. 🙂

  3. jamieofalltrades Says:

    Very cute and festive!

  4. Allison L. Says:

    how can I get invited to this type of event. It sounds like such a cool event to get in the mood for the holidays.

  5. lyndsey @ the stationery place Says:

    hooray, your wreath turned out SO cute! i’m so happy you could come 🙂

  6. Not Just A Mommy! Says:

    It came out awesome! I love that you added the glittery spiders; I was there too, and had so much fun! I hope they do a Christmas one.

  7. Marie Says:

    Your wreath looks so good. I LOVE the glittered spiders on it, perfect!

    Thanks for coming, it was a great night! It was fun to meet you. Yay for Seattle bloggers!

  8. Diane@At Home in Arkansas Says:

    Love the wreaths with the glitter spiders–a fun twist, and just about the right level of crafting for me.

  9. sara Says:


  10. Michelle Paige Says:

    Love how your wreath turned out! What a fun time we had! So glad to find your blog.

  11. Kira Says:

    your wreath looks fantastic with the owls and black albums ~ so chic! (And it was great to meet you at the WitchCraft night… hope we all get to do it again soon.)

  12. Anneke Says:

    I”ve just noticed that your blog is active again. Yay! Love your blog!

  13. Kathryn Says:

    Oh, I love it! I’ve done the rossette wreath in red / heart shaped for Valentine’s Day but I love the spooky one you made.

  14. Ayana Says:

    This looks wonderful!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  15. ambika Says:

    I love this. & could see leaving it up year round without the spiders.

  16. NYC Wedding Venues Says:

    Thats a neat idea. I’ve been making decorations with my kids for Halloween as well.

  17. Jessica Says:

    I am so glad that you are finally back and your back pain is under control. I’ve missed the diy ideas and your lovely photographs! Take care of yourself:)

  18. Aarean Says:

    Um…this is so dang cute! You’re so very creative…I love doing fun DIY projects like this!