Get The Look: Rustic Dining Room

June 15th, 2011


1. Vintage Candelabra $34 (each) / 2. Beige Pendant $57 / 3. Retro-Classic Chairs $192 (for 2) / 4. Enchanted Canvas Wall Art $199 /5. Oak Dining Table $299 / 6. Antique Pitcher $35 / 7. Dinner Plates $25 (for set of 4)  / 8. Salad Plates $20 (for set of 4) / 9. Low Bowl $14.95 / 10. Pokal Drinking Glass $0.59 / Linen Placemat for Two $14.95 / Linen Napkin $4.95 (each) TOTAL = $1724.77

For some reason I have the decorating bug lately and I’m currently trying to revamp our home office. I’m really not so good at the decorating thing but I’d like to be! I had fun with the first Get The Look featuring a stunning living room by designer Sarah Richardson. I found it incredibly fun to source items that would have a similar feel but at a fraction of the cost.

In this Get The Look, I was able to find some great pieces (at great prices) that really resemble this casual dining room originally spotted in Casa Magazine via Steph Modo. The item I’m least satisfied with are the candelabras but I’m sure a little hunting at a local thrift shop might be the right place to shop for those. Total cost: $1724.77 Not too bad for a table for eight including table, chairs and art work!

10 Responses to “Get The Look: Rustic Dining Room”

  1. Darby Hawley Says:

    Thank you for sharing this picture! I just love the candelabras!

  2. Meli (Blush + Jelly) Says:

    Absolutely loving that dinning room. For all those pieces the price is not too bad. Now if I only have a bigger place to fit all of that!

  3. Sarah @ Says:

    I really love the look and feel of this. Even down to the iron in the window.

    – Sarah

  4. Jocelyn Stott Says:

    I love that rustic table with the modern chairs. Very nice.

  5. sherri lynn Says:

    I love this look! That table is exactly something I would love to have in our dining room! And I like the neutrals of the plates and linens.

  6. Bethany Says:

    I actually gasp out loud when I saw the first image – it’s exactly what I’ve been thinking of for our dining room! Thanks for doing some of the sourcing work for me!

  7. cindy Says:

    well done!

  8. Anastasia Marie Says:

    That is definitely a beauty. Love the canvas wrap you found!

  9. Ridgely's Radar Says:

    I never thought to use the runners accross the table instead of down the length! great idea. I would love a long wooden table like that and the light fixture is wonderful.

  10. Amanda Says:

    I love this! What color paint is that? Where did you buy the paint at?