In Love with Chalk

May 19th, 2011

I’m head over heels for these chalk illustrations by Dana Tanamachi.  The fact that they’re done freehand without the use of stencils or projectors just blows my mind!


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17 Responses to “In Love with Chalk”

  1. Anastasia Marie Says:

    Now that is something! I would never have thought of decorating with this, but it’s beautiful.

  2. c@rol w Says:

    Amazing! I wish I could do that!! All my walls are plaster with a sand finish. This could be a wonderful idea for my kitchen, though… someday!

  3. Jet@craftBOOM Says:

    I LOVE HER CRAFTSMANSHIP the typefaces are beautifully matched together!

  4. sherri lynn Says:

    These are beautiful! I am loving that chalk boards are everywhere! I did a post on all the chalk products out there (

    I still remember this one restaurant I went to in Key West with beautiful freehand drawings and writing on their chalkboard walls. I LOVE chalk!

  5. Alissa Says:

    These are wonderful!! It adds unique drama to the room. I want a chalk board painted wall now!

  6. Jen @ Darling Notes Says:

    I adore these chalk drawings, too! Such talent!

  7. Ada in Coastal Cali Says:

    Those are aH MAZing! wow. Inspiring & the fonts/lines/swirls etc so spectacular. Love love em.
    thanks for sharing

  8. Jackie | Sweet Little Thrills Says:

    Yes yes yes! I would ANY of these in my house, the design is so lovely, and chalk of course is amazing and retro.

  9. Vasu Says:

    wow!! amazing art…so much hard work

  10. Laura Says:

    Love them! It makes me have the green monster of jealousy that I didn’t think of those designs and that I didn’t do them! The fact that it is Freehand makes it even more impressive!

  11. Ridgely's Radar Says:

    I cant believe they are free form drawings! so amazing! love them!

  12. Hannah Busekrus Says:

    amazing work! i too appreciating her craftmanship… wow.

  13. Miss B. Says:

    Amazing find!

  14. alison Says:

    Wow, freehand really?! Amazing!

  15. Dee Wilcox Says:

    These are beautiful! I can’t believe they were done freehand. Any insight into how the artist keeps the chalk illustrations from being messed up? I just keep imagining if someone bumped the wall… I’m wondering if the old hairspray trick works, except that it would probably ruin the work surface if she wanted to create a new illustration. So lovely, though!

  16. Steph Bond Hutkin (Bondville) Says:

    Totally amazing. How can she get the lines so fine? A chalk pencil? Just love the chalk illo as headboard. Wanting one. Thanks for sharing x

  17. Andrea Says:

    Isnt she AMAZING! Love seeing my dear high school friend on all sorts of awesome websites 🙂