Well Sent: Pop-Up Baby Shower Invitations

April 5th, 2011

Photos by Edyta Szyszlo


I just adore these DIY Baby Shower Invitations by the talented Edyta Szyszlo. Created for her friend, I especially love the fruit stripe envelope liner and the custom silhouettes. Also, make sure to check out the photos form the event, Edyta did such an amazing job!

14 Responses to “Well Sent: Pop-Up Baby Shower Invitations”

  1. Lightning Heart Says:

    my gosh! what a fantastic invite to receive!

  2. Laura Says:

    So cute! I love all the details that she repeats on the invitations, envelopes, and address labels. The pop-up detail is probably my favorite – so original and it makes the invite just that much more special!

  3. Vivien @ The Eclectic Life Says:

    Seriously, how do I obtain friends like this so I can get invited to awesome shin digs and receive creative invites like this?

  4. Jen Says:

    Adorable invites! I love the color scheme.

  5. angie Says:

    this pop up invitation is cute!

  6. edyta szyszlo photo Says:

    yay!!! thanks for the shout out! i had so much fun making these – funny what you’ll find inspiring when exploring party stores!

  7. Carolee Beckham Says:

    these are so beautiful! thank you for posting this. I’ve been following your blog for some time now and have really enjoyed the little things that you find and share every day.

    i was just given an award for my blog from a fellow blogger.. and felt that you were more deserving. so i’ve featured you as one of the lovely blogs worth following. 🙂 http://blog.caroleebeckham.com/2011/04/award-for-me.html

  8. Emily Says:

    Beautiful! I love this pop up!

  9. sarah Says:

    So pretty and so fun!

  10. Fauxmartha Says:

    I love the neutral color palette with the pop of color! And, of course, the pop-up surprise. Such a great idea!

  11. Jenny Says:

    that is so cute 😀

  12. sherri lynn Says:

    adorable! and grey is my new favorite color!

  13. Cindy Says:

    The pop-up is SO creative!

  14. Donaville Says:

    loving the theme! they look just like igloos, which is probably the intent since it’s a polar popup potluck 😉