Just Plain Lucky!

March 15th, 2011

Another adorable St. Patrick’s Day project to add to the list! Created by Alexandria Hedin, these Just Plain Lucky Tees are perfect for the whole family! Simple and super adorable and just the right amount of charm! Get the instructions and template from Alexandria’s blog.

Fun little story, Alexandria and I went to high school together here in Seattle and ended up working together at Starbucks in the creative department. We both went on to separate jobs and lost touch but have since reconnected through the blog world. I love the web connections and friends I’ve made over the years and I’m so fortunate to be surrounded but such talented people!

3 Responses to “Just Plain Lucky!”

  1. Alexandra Hedin Says:

    Thanks for the love!

  2. quintessence Says:

    Simply adorable!! My daughter has a cute Snoopy St. Patrick’s day Tee.

  3. Sarah Says:

    what a little cutie!