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February 15th, 2011

Hi Friends! Apologies for being out yesterday, I haven’t been feeling well and I spent the weekend trying to rest up and recuperate. Hopefully you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day and good start to your week.

To kick things off here, I’m thrilled to finally share some projects I put together specially for the latest issue of Utterly Engaged! The goal was to create three projects that could be used during the wedding using mainly paper cups. I love the concept of taking inexpensive staples and transforming them into pretty wedding details. As we all know, weddings can add up quickly so finding ways to cut costs without it looking like it is a win win!

I ended up creating a simple wreath to be used during the ceremony or as decoration throughout the reception. By simply sliding the cups inside of eachother and securing with hot glue, this was a surprisingly easy craft.

For the second project, I wanted to create a centerpiece that would be both inexpensive and multi-purpose. I wrapped espresso cups in fabric and used them as planters for small plants. At the end of the event, guests could take these home and transfer them to their own gardens.

Lastly, 8oz. paper cups were dressed up with a simple paper wrap, filled with hot cocoa powder, marshmallows and adorned with a wooden spoon! Serve with hot water and encourage guests to warm up and take a cup home!

All the detailed instructions and more images can be found in the latest issue of Utterly Engaged along with a plethora of other amazing articles and contributions. Cheers!

24 Responses to “T&T Utterly Engaged Feature”

  1. Maggie M Says:

    How absolutely lovely! And so amazingly creative…
    I would never have guessed a paper cup could look so exquisite…;) Thank you for your beautiful blog!

  2. Sally Says:

    LOVE this! So resourceful!

  3. Katherine {flower & honey} Says:

    I love the paper you used on the cups 🙂

  4. The Frugal Hostess Says:

    I love all of these crafts, but especially the wreath. I think it takes a particularly creative person to make something that is both simple and beautiful. Love it!!!

  5. Rachael H. Says:

    These are so sweet! I wonder if you could find un-waxed paper cups for the planter one, so you could just stick the whole thing in the ground instead of having to remove the cup.

  6. the ravenna girls Says:

    That wreath is brilliant! I love how modern but still soft and almost ruffly. I might be stealing that idea!

  7. Emily H Says:

    The wreathe is fabulous! It comes off so clean and classy. To find out it’s made of cups is a fun and quirky surprise. Love the juxtaposition of it.

  8. Jolyn @ DIY Party Designs Says:

    Love the wreath – love that you could make something so simply stunning with common household items. Great work on all the projects!

  9. Naomi Says:

    All of it is just brilliant! Love the color of the cocoa cups, too!

  10. Nadia Says:

    It’s so beautiful! You are such an inspiration! 🙂

    Are the fabric wrappers for the second project cut into circles?

  11. lyndsay Says:

    i love it! cup madness!! i always forget about the wrapping paper cups with other paper thing. such a great and cute way to customize. ^__^

  12. Kathleen Says:

    the hot chocolate is such a cool idea! and so beautifully presented! I’m feeling very inspired.

  13. Laura *You Stir Me* Says:

    brilliant! I love the wreath and hot chocolate ideas – these are great even for a small party! I’ll be saving these for later:)

  14. Pure2raw Twins Says:

    Love the centerpiece idea you came up with, brilliant. And love those hot chocolate cups!

  15. sarah@boxwoodclippings Says:

    what a fantastic idea. i love how chic, clean and modern it looks…and best yet so inexpensive to make, i’m dying to give it a go!

  16. Jen @ das Sushi Says:

    Oh I love what you’ve come up with! Really, these ideas could be used for a lot of different parties and events.

  17. Melissa Says:


    I am just constantly awestruck by your genius! I’m definitely going to make a paper cup wreath now, and perhaps I’ll even plan a party around your ideas. These are fabulous!!

    Thanks for sharing! You’re awesome.

  18. Southern Grace Says:

    I so adore your blog! You are truly talented!

  19. Trude Says:

    OMG so cute! Especially love the hot cocoa idea and giving plants away as favors. 🙂

  20. lb Says:

    So pretty!

  21. {eclat} event design Says:

    Sometimes beauty is on the simplest things…The wreath is a proof of it!!

    Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Love this post.

    Laura xo

  22. Jill @Our Seven Dwarfs Says:

    I love the cup wreath. It is absolutely beautiful! Off to pick up some paper cups!

    Jill of oursevendwarfs.com

  23. kathy Says:

    What a neat idea! This wreath is gorgeous.

  24. Katina Kelley Says:

    Where did you get the wooden spoons you used in the hot chocolate cups?