Well Branded: Ladurée

January 6th, 2011

I am officially in love with the Ladurée brand! From the pale pastel packaging with the gold foil printing to the coordinating delivery trucks, every detail is exquisite! Ladurée is a luxury patisserie originally from Paris, France. Serving all kinds of sweets, Ladurée is most well known for their colorful macarons. Now if only I could manage a trip to one of those shops myself, I might faint from all the beauty and sugar! Swoon!

Images // 1 Facade via Wikipedia / 2 Interior via Ladurée / 3 Packaging via Black Eiffel / 4-7 Interior and branding via Ladurée / 8 Packaging via Pinkbow / 9 Macarons via Black Eiffel / 10 Interior branding via Ladurée / 11 Truck via The Merry Maid / 12 Interior branding via Ladurée

33 Responses to “Well Branded: Ladurée”

  1. Megan Says:

    I imagine that you’re already aware of this, but all I can see is html code…
    I first accessed the post through a reader – the reader was solid code, no photos – and viewing your post in my firefox browser on my pc also shows nothing but code.

    Good luck fixing things! Can’t wait to read the post.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Thanks so much for the heads up Megan! All fixed now 🙂 Best, Kathleen

  3. Sally Says:

    Love it too, got a box of macaroons from my God-son for Christmas, massive swoon!

  4. bklynstitch Says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  5. Amanda B. Says:

    I went to Paris this fall and had my first macaroon ever. Swoon indeed!

  6. erin*sparkle&hay Says:

    adore! the colors & branding are perfection!

  7. michelle Says:

    i have just finished a box of ladurée macaroons, hand delivered from paris. talk about an experience 🙂

  8. Lisa {With Style and Grace} Says:

    Wow!! Every detail has me swooning, this is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Erin Says:

    I’ve been there as well – the pastries taste as good as they look! Woah!

  10. Katie P. Says:

    When I die, I want to be buried there. That place is amazing!

  11. Sabrina F Says:

    My sister-in-law brought back some macroons from their Paris store and they were amazing.

  12. Naomi Says:

    I loved Laduree and still do!

  13. Whitney @ Whisker Graphics Says:

    From their displays it seems like they were the pioneers of the now popular dessert tables. I love they how their tasty treats are presented in their shops. I still have a box I saved from a trip to Paris several years ago. So beautiful! I love the “L” on the light fixtures over the food displays. No detail is left out.

  14. Robin W Says:

    I don’t know which is prettier- the pastries, the packaging, or the stores. What a treasure to receive one of their boxes as a gift! I may need to go to Paris just to go to one of their stores.

  15. Anne-Marie Faiola Says:

    WOW! Their store is beautiful! And their packaging is gorgeous. Totally inspired by their pretty pastels.

  16. claire Says:

    so yummy and beautiful and pretty and ohhhh I want to go there!

  17. Navy Bean Says:

    I absolutely adore Laduree’s branding. Did you know that the former President of Anthropologie’s kitchen was inspired by the color of Laduree’s tea tins? I blogged about an old House & Garden article that featured the kitchen here:


  18. Kate from Party Resources Says:

    I love their products and this post. So elegant!

  19. richele Says:

    they make my heart hurt – it’s all so pretty I ALWAYS want to swim in that pink and green

  20. agnes szucs Says:

    what luxury! i love this indentity, especially the colors and the packaging. i haven’t even had a macaron in my life so i got lot to catch up with.

  21. tami brown Says:

    Decadence in every sense of the word!

  22. Mugdha Says:

    All the packaging looks so ornate and classy. And they’re sweets??! I think that may be the most perfect combination ever.

  23. annie Says:

    Yes…so well branded…right down to the gorgeous delivery truck. Wonderful post!

  24. Kendall Simmons Says:

    The first and only time I had their macaroons I almost cried. They were to die for!!

  25. Tiffany B. Says:

    So I went to france a couple of years ago and took a picture of a truck just like that one because I thought the colors and the image were so beautiful. SO what a surprise that I happen upon this post of yours. I LOVE everything about this brand and now i’ll have to go back and check out the rest. Thank you for the post!

  26. Cindy Says:

    What a beautiful and luxe bakery! Hehe…gotta love the color coordinated delivery trucks!

  27. reub-envision Says:

    INDEED !!

  28. Jordan - Polkadot Prints Says:

    this looks like such a little piece of girly-day out heaven!

  29. Zulaikhah Says:

    Absolutelt beatiful i love it too

  30. Lindsey Says:

    definitely gorgeous and a staple of our dear Paris! In only the macaroons weren’t now made in a factory outside of Paris! 🙁

  31. Gina @ Temporary Nest Says:

    This looks like heaven. Seriously. Total and complete heaven.

  32. creJJtion Says:

    what a gorgeous post! Wonderful colours, very eatable food… Happy weekend, love Maaike

  33. Marie Says:

    we love them too here :))))