The Golden Rule

January 13th, 2011

Beautiful father and son collaboration spotted on Beast Pieces this week. This letterpress print was hand drawn by 6 year old Koen then digitally arranged by his father and printed by Studio On Fire. Lovely in every possible way.

10 Responses to “The Golden Rule”

  1. tracie @ {tsj} photography Says:

    oh hello beautiful print! i think my girls & i need you!

  2. Sally Says:

    Oh that is beautiful!

    I WANT!!

  3. Rene Says:

    Oh how perfect! I “need” this.


  4. Katie Brown Workshop Says:

    Oh how I love that! The story behind the project makes is that much better.

  5. susan w Says:

    my brother bought that for my niece for christmas. it’s beautiful in person. you can read her blog about it here if you’re interested:

  6. Michelle Says:

    ah, i LOVE this!!

  7. Gloria Says:

    this is so sweet!

  8. Mika Says:

    How fabulous. A fun idea for a project, even without the great letterpress element!

  9. allison Says:

    I have just awared you a stylish blogger award. I hope you’ll stop by soon and pass on the blog love. See my blog for details. Fondly, Allison

  10. Chloe Says:

    I love this! When I was little my parents taught me this mantra… it still comes in handy these days… 🙂