Make A Wish!

January 27th, 2011

Check out these images featuring the new wishing tree and place cards from Hello Hanna! Don’t you wish you could climb right in and take a seat? Hello Hanna suggests using both for a bridal shower but I also love this idea for a Valentine themed party. You could use the wishing cards for jotting down love related resolutions for the coming year like; “can’t wait to meet someone to share my life with”, “looking forward to having a baby”, “Say “I love you” at least once a day”

The whole concept of a wishing tree is beyond brilliant and I love they way Hello Hanna has made it so beautiful and customizable. I pretty much love anything these ladies do! Have a peek for yourself here and check out their cute blog too.

9 Responses to “Make A Wish!”

  1. Jennifer @ Darling Notes Says:

    Gorgeous! I love the little cake!

  2. Brancoprata Says:

    Oh this is genius!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. keith Says:

    put a bird on it.

  4. Katie P. Says:

    love the chairs!

  5. heodeza Says:

    Wow! So pretty!!

  6. Gloria Says:

    The birdie on that cake – it is so cute. Love it, happy and chirpy.

  7. susan crabtree Says:

    so cute!

  8. Natalie W. Says:

    These are too cute! Definitely perfect for a baby shower. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. penny Says:

    Wow that is absolutely lovely.