I Heart It

January 11th, 2011

With Valentine’s Day in the near future, I have hearts and the color red on the brain so this piece by designer Camila Drozd caught my eye! Created for self promotion and using only hand-lettered type, she created a bookmark with a list of a few of her favorite things.

The attention to detail is stunning and she did an exquisite job all around. I just love the paper wrap and the bright red bellyband holding it all together!

Via Pinterest

11 Responses to “I Heart It”

  1. Sally Says:

    Love this!

  2. April Says:

    Beautiful work!

  3. Brancoprata Says:

    Beautiful design! Perfect for this time of the year!!

  4. Justine Says:

    love the intricate design. very fitting!

  5. sarah Says:


  6. Truly Smitten Says:

    this is amazing!!! I heart this too =)

  7. Cindy Says:


  8. Robin Says:

    I heart “I Heart This”!!! The only thing that could make this better is some letter-pressing…aaahhh

  9. chelsea Says:

    beautiful. really amazing!

  10. angie Says:

    love! esp the TYPE bookmark.

  11. Navy Bean Says:

    Absolutely stunning!!