Tad Carpenter Holiday Cards

December 9th, 2010

Tad Carpenter is such a gifted illustrator and designer, I’ve yet to see work of his that is less than amazing. I always love seeing what he’ll do next, so I was thrilled when I saw these holiday cards and chipboard figures over on his blog. I mean how stinking cute are these?! You can buy 4 packs of cards or figures for ten dollars each, what a steal!

4 Responses to “Tad Carpenter Holiday Cards”

  1. Spiral Style Says:

    Fun stuff!

  2. Kate from Party Resources Says:

    What fun! I love it!

  3. Meaghin Says:

    I love his work, especially the concert posters. So glad you shared!

  4. dawn Says:

    ooo, thanks for sharing – I ordered two sets to send out this year, I’m always so late with cards but these are worth waiting for!